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IBM laptops rule
Published on November 4, 2003 By Draginol In Blogging
Little discussed feature about the IBM Thinkpad T40. The Fn-space bar combo will instantly switch the resolution to a the next lower one. this is great when you are browsing the web and want the text nice and big. Just one of the many handy features that makes the Thinkpads rule.
on Nov 04, 2003
Too bad you have to buy a $200 battery every couple years for them
Mine still gets used on a daily basis, though, even though the battery won't hold a charge at all. Not quite as portable, but It's great for sitting on the couch and surfing the net. If I wasn't so cheap, I would buy another battery.
on Nov 04, 2003
They are truely good laptops except for one annoying thing.

There's no Windows Key on them. This is probably their anti-microsoft statement, but I find it annoying because i use the windows key CONSTANTLY.
on Nov 05, 2003
I would say that for a company the size of IBM, they produce a very ordinary product, not only that but for what you pay for these you would expect a far better machine, the old story of you buy the computer but you pay for the name. I run four desktops, and two laptops, none of which are produced by the last Computer Giants. all are made locally, all have the very best parts in them, cost way less and have far better support from the vendors, one laptop is made by an English company, the equal big blue was almost 2.5 times the cost for a slower machine with less features, in an ugly black box. no thanks. IBM sucks