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Just some links
Published on March 30, 2005 By Draginol In Blogging

Here's some interesting links I came across while surfing tonight:

Military use of nanotech:

Slashdot review of a game design book:

Return of the Mac:

Revenge of the Sith Comic book covers:

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on Mar 30, 2005
This is the next cold war. Self-replicating nanites that feed off living tissue, sounds like a horror film but it's a close reallity. And the only defense would be more nanites that eat the flesh eating nanites. We could be fighting wars from the atom up.
on Mar 31, 2005
Been gone for a while, however, I am back and ready to give me two cents.

The Mac article made me remember my days as a Mac Head. Gave it up back around Thanksgiving last year. Reason; I like the Window Xp Interface. I enjoy see what I can do to change the look and feel of the GUI. Now after close to twenty years using a Mac I know how good they are, albeit their are some short comings, and the main problem is Apple has fought to keep out of their Fabulous OS system the ablitily to change the GUI's interface. I just happen to enjoy having something different to look at every ever week. To put it butantly XP is more fun to play around with.

I can already here Mac owners (my youngest son (32 Years Old) included) saying what is she talking about.

As to laptops; I just purchased a new HP zv5200 with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ that is just sweet. The 15.4 inch screen is better than my Corner Stone p1500 21" monitor. The cost out the door was $1099.94. The 15" Mac Powerbook is about $800.00 more, and doesn't do any more then the HP. Oh!, did I forget to say this widescreen is really nice, oh, I did.

The Mac are nice, but since I have changed to the XP OS I have regained a new outlook into the computer world. May be I'll break down and see about setting this up as a dual boot, and install one of the Linux OS's on the market.