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Understanding the basics of your typical light saber
Published on May 5, 2005 By Draginol In Gadgets & Electronics

If you've always wondered how light sabers work, has a thorough article outlining how light sabers work, various safety tips and practical uses such as defending yourself against would-be muggers.

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on May 17, 2005
I got my lightsaber for when I go see Star Wars. $9.99 at Toys R' Us. Not bad, it doesn't light up, but it does extend and retract, so it's easier to carry

Hehehe...sounds exactly like the ones my boys have.
on May 20, 2005
They sell models of the actual, Lucasfilm-licensed props for a hundred bucks at a store out here that I go to alot. They light up, make the noise and everything. Very classy, too; not the clunky, kidified Wal-Mart toy dept. thing. The hilt is stainless steel and the "blade" is glass or lucite or something. It's not retractable. It's for people who want to display it. Very cool.