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More revealing than one might think..
Published on February 13, 2004 By Draginol In Blogging
Having a search engine also being the one who provides the ads makes for interesting reading.

Check the bottom right of your blog and you'll see the google ads. But here's the kicker - the google ads are based on Google's search engine results. So you can see what kinds of people are visiting your site, to a degree, based on what types of things are being advertised.

I was reading Tangled Wishes website and the ads were about personal relationships, meeting people, that sort of thing. I read through my blogs and I see a bunch of ads from right wing sites. I guess that should tell me something. But now I know where I can get a "liberal vooodoo doll."

Reading through Wahkonta's site and I see ads for UFO sighting books and news.

The google ads are far more interesting than I ever thought they'd be.
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on Feb 13, 2004
Say.... I thought that it was a coincidence that an ad for Moulin Rouge-inspired jewelry was listed. I never gave much thought about it possibly being personalized. Great, now I have to go find what some of the other Joeuser's ads are.
on Feb 13, 2004
I have American Idol tie-ins and President Lincoln stuff.

It is kind of funny what key words in the articles make advertising "hits."

Good job BW, keeping us cognizant of the advertising in an interesting way. Now I will always be sure to check which sorts of "buzz words" I am using.
on Feb 13, 2004
My Google ads are for World Wildlife Foundation, March of Dimes and Second Harvest Hunger relief. I am very pleased.
on Feb 13, 2004
on my blog:

Ads by Google
Build a Stronger America
Support the RNC and the President's Compassionate Conservative agenda.

#&$ing kill me now.
on Feb 13, 2004
Never noticed them before. The ads are based on current interest assumptions. I posted an article on ufo's so the engine will assume I want to buy such material. Digitized marketing is all, and you know it too. Tomorrow it will change. What's wrong Brad, can't come up with any original way to try to dis-credit truth or 'alternative' news you can't manipulate?

Thanks or the mention though, I get even more attention when you post my blog name. Hope you get some nickels to keep this site growing as it has to date. It's all good I guess.

Hey Bush? Say you need our vote so you can continue to pay Haliburton & Co. four more years? Yeah, right. (I say that as I'll be putting up some Senate testimony on them soon.) Wonder if I'll get ad offers of wholesale yellow hand towels that can be logo'd KBR (a Haliburton Co. symbol) and marked up for profiteering on our tax dollars and our own troops when I do? Stay tuned to my blog.

P.S. You also know my google numbers and they cover a pretty wide spectrum, most of people searching for news they won't get in the 'controlled media'. U.F.O.'s get hits too. Think I'll post a article from a racy site to see if I can look at girl banners while I post.
on Feb 14, 2004
most of my stuff is Jack Handy related.

on Feb 14, 2004
Hm. I just get ads where I can create my blog. Why would I need to go somewhere else?
on Feb 14, 2004
All mine are on shaving products, and I have a beard down to my knees...
Seriously though, shaving products?
on Feb 14, 2004
"Invest in Iraq" - think I'll pass.
on Feb 14, 2004 most current article is about Thyroid issues, so I have:

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on Feb 14, 2004
Yeah -- this is totally true, but Google sometimes does some really wacky things. I just started a news site called The Raw Story ( and our subdirectoried pages produce some pretty wacky results. For example, our quotes page is often inundated by diet ads (how do they know I'm fat? ). Our editorials page is the master domain of the New York Times (b/c we link so many of their editorials), and today's article about the John Kerry rumor is basted with cancer ads. What gives?
on Feb 14, 2004
In an interesting twist on my googleized ads, o got one for Chrons Colitis Foundation. I have Chrons, but have never mentioned it here, is Google psychic?
on Feb 14, 2004
Mine are so boring! I have ones about blog hosting, and building my own website. Woo-hoo.

on Feb 14, 2004
I don't have any ads yet..And that's good. I wouldn't want my Identity as Secret Squirrel to leak out..

And I was only Dangermouse ONCE for halloween.. *sniff*
on Feb 15, 2004
i got a lot of haircare links???