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Published on August 5, 2005 By Draginol In Blogging

In about 10 days we are going to do a points audit on the site.  Every time someone makes a comment, post, etc. they receive points for it. It's recorded in a log.

I know, from casual inspection, that some people have far more points than their available # of comments and articles could possibly warrant. 

Now I have a confession to make, I've been very competitive in my life and I've played the system my share of times. I haven't done so here since I'm the #1 user because I know the easiest way to get lots of points -- get other sites to link to what I write which brings lots of readers.  I have many articles with over 50,000 points for instance that have only a couple of comments.  All because people came here to read them.

But many others have taken other routes that we're aware of to get their points up.  That's going to come to an end soon as all scores will be recalculated based on what is actually present on JU.

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on Aug 06, 2005
I wish you'll stop worrying about points and all that nonsense. The problems I'm having accessing this site have increased. You guys should be getting better at this, not worse. I'm having various problems with this site. Some of it may be on your end and some may not. For instance the buttons used for text breaks within a post or using html are not posting write. The data is either being altered in transit or at your site. This is a problem to work on. Your site is loading very slowly. This is another problem to work on. I say that its your site because your site is the only one i've been having a lot of difficulty accessing. As I seek to ensure that the problems are not on my end, I think you need to make sure the problems are not on yours. This point keeping stuff is nonsense unless your seeking to bring more traffic to this site which is a game i don't play.
on Aug 06, 2005
Something occurred to me just now after reading how the points are supposed to be "rolling". My point total has never gone down (that I've noticed), only up. I post so few articles & comment so erratically that I would think the total would shrink at times from the "dropoff". Maybe that part of the software needs tweaking, too.

on Aug 07, 2005
The site ranking is based on your points for the last 30 days. So whatever points you made 31 days ago dropped off today. It doesn't effect your total, it just makes sure that people can't make a huge amount of points, go inactive for months, and continue to dominate the top sites without doing anything to merit it.
on Aug 07, 2005
beer is a hell of a lot better than Israeli beer Sorry I made u people make almost 5 separate comments almost off topic, even use words like hell (joke), here u get some beer not by Henninger, their cool subcompany Binding, cause Henninger was bought by big coffee co. ONKYO forcing them to rebrew to taste like JEVER, which it doesnt:

Whoever rates should be a robot (synched to which beer brand the author to be rated was using) or user knowing the sites system + history for a while including users history, heres my only new thought that may be on topic a bit:

Ur articles are not the only thing adding to ur score, also the often neglected SECOND REFERRAL STATS under MORE in REFERRAL stats on WC, which can dominate JU, too. These figures partially justly list 85 referrals to places Ive been COMMENTING on in WC, Stardock + JU. However, EVEN MY SIGNATURE UNDER RUSSIAN FORUM POSTS OF MINE ON A DIFFERENT TOPIC SHOWS LINK TO MY WC PAGE for a good reason, which (although I make PR for JUs partner site or host) rather unjustly CHANGES points on WC or JU to a certain extent.

No wonder even when subtracting blog explosion u think some people get points that are not for articles, in addition to the interestings or trolls they deserve for comments to other peoples things. U deserve points for some comments like these which are more helpful and work to make than some "articles" by the author himself, yet this makes it hard to keep it apart on JU, what was forum activity, what is my article score. And I know SITE HITS are rated separately. On WC which was designed later some things seem to have better differentiating in their transparency
on Aug 07, 2005

But User points are cumulative, right? Those merely grow at the rate you 'contribute' (ie: when you post a new article or comment on someone else's.)

I believe so...though I think if someone gets a troll rating they go down a bit...

on Aug 07, 2005

here u get some beer not by Henninger, their cool subcompany Binding, cause Henninger was bought by big coffee co. ONKYO forcing them to rebrew to taste like JEVER, which it doesnt:

When did Henniger buy Binding?  Damn, it has been a long time!  Binding's Spring Bock bier was the best!