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The forums are not your domain..
Published on October 13, 2005 By Draginol In Blogging

Okay, here's the deal.  It's okay for people to vent on THEIR blogs about things.  The main golden rule is that you may not put the person's real name or full handle into the title of an article (since JoeUser is so popular, what you write here ends up on Google pretty quickly).

That said, you post it to the forums and then it becomes our business.  When you make an article, by default it has a checkbox that says "post to forums too".  If you're writing something that is essentially a rant about some other user or anything else that really doesn't belong in a public forum, you need to uncheck that.

Right now, there's a glitch on JU where I cannot hide a forum post without hiding it from your blog as well.  So here's the deal: It's up to you to uncheck that "post to forums" option if you're about to write a rant about someone.  Otherwise, it's likely going to just go away entirely. 

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on Oct 15, 2005

I see, now you understand what I mean about abuse of power. I think that people like that should be punished by the moderators of this site. It is unfair to flame someone and then not give them the chance to fight back. Cowardly act if you ask me. By doing that the person admits that you are right and abuses his power so that you can't prove him wrong.

A new diplomat!

Post more.  I am interested in what you have to say.

on Oct 15, 2005
there's something spooky about the power to tear a human being a new one, especially from the safety of anonymity. it's pure power, like superman + invisibility.

draginol has to run the site, understood. beyond that, people can do what they want with the power of writing anonymously. but everyone should spend a minute thinking about the difference between writing something with your name on it and writing something under the guise of your untraceable alias. you may be a talented writer with a skill for stomping new holes, but anonymous venues are pretty cowardly locations for your efforts.

on Oct 15, 2005
Question: My "Game for Ziggy" blog wasn't a flame (although it did bring him some negative attention). I put his name in the title to make sure that he saw it.Was that a no-no?

Personally, I dont mind TW. I really dont read many other blogs on here. I wouldnt even know how to spot it if it had my name on there. Marcie pointed it out to me, and that was after a couple of days...but of course, I got crap for not responding to it right away.