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Catastrophic system failure
Published on October 25, 2005 By Draginol In Blogging

Last night the master database became corrupt and one of the machines had a catastrophic failure.  I kind of "perfect storm" of failure -- two bad things on two seperate servers.  For a few hours, JoeUser ceased to exist. It was the worst case scenario.

However, LUCKILY, we do daily backups on all your blogs. So this incident can at least provide some assurance that all your hard work, your thoughts and written record are being treated with respect and care.

It does mean, however, that everything from yesterday is lost.  Which is ironic since I wrote a number of blogs yesterday.

Update: Most articles from yesterday have been restored thanks to T-man!

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on Oct 25, 2005
I'm just glad I saved a copy of the article I posted yesterday. It also looks like all forum activity got rolled back, not just JU.

EDIT:It looks like my article from yesterday was just restored! Looks like the db loss wasn't total

on Oct 25, 2005
Thanks to you and all the others at Stardock for getting us back up.
on Oct 25, 2005
I'll throw in a personal thank you, too. I'm really glad that the free ice cream does come with care and respect.
on Oct 25, 2005
as usual brad and gang ride to the rescue, what an amazing crew to put so much love and care into a free site.

thank you all!!

on Oct 25, 2005
Thanks for your hard work. I noticed my articles from last night were restored as well.
on Oct 25, 2005

I told Brad not to push that Big Red button with the note next to that says "Brad, Do not push this button!"


Well,  Looks like most everything is back in place.  Though I was able to restore most of the Articles from yesterday the comments from yesterday were lost.


on Oct 25, 2005
Strong work T-Man, strong work.
on Oct 25, 2005
Whew! You guys are SUPER!
on Oct 25, 2005
Yeah, I was trying to get on last night and a lot of folks from Blog Explosion were wondering why my blog wasn't loading.

Thanks T-Man, Brad and Everyone else who must have burned some midnight oil saving the JU!!! If you faired the "Perfect Storm" and all that was lost were some comments, my hat goes off to your work and skill!
on Oct 25, 2005

I told Brad not to push that Big Red button with the note next to that says "Brad, Do not push this button!"

Brad is lucky to have you!  We all got to protect our bosses from themselves!  Thanks a million again!

on Oct 25, 2005
Great job fellahs.

On a side note, and I know you have a full plate, but some of us are waiting semi-patiently for premium accounts. Just letting you know some of us will be more than willing to support the site when the opportunity is available.

on Oct 25, 2005
Thank you very much, Draginol.
on Oct 25, 2005
Thank you! Sure gave me a scare.

on Oct 25, 2005
thanks for getting it all back up and running.

I rarely post anything, even replies are somewhat rare for me. But I do spend mucho time here....and without this site...i just don't know what i would do (well, I guess I do know, I would have to go find another site to spend much of my time at)


on Oct 25, 2005
Just curious, do you use

SQL Server, Oracle, or My-Sql ?
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