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How JoeUser helped us
Published on March 2, 2004 By Draginol In Blogging

Our software, DesktopX, was on TechTV's "The Screen Savers" yesterday.

The Screen Savers is one of the favorite shows here. Some of us subscribe to satellite just to get it in. But as happy as we were to be on there, not everything went according to plan.

You see, we knew back in late February that "In March" DesktopX was going to be on there. So we painstakingly put together this kit for them. A quick reviewer's guide. A print out of the full user manual. A CD with the latest version. And another CD of dozens of widgets that we put together. We even made a ScreenSaver's Widget:

That you can download here (you need DesktopX 2.1 installed to use it):


Anyway, we got the kit to them last Friday but what we didn't know is that by "having DesktopX on the show sometime in March" would mean literally March 1. So our kit, that took a good week to put together, made it there just too late.

So what really helped us? JOEUSER! Back in January in a fit of pique, I wrote an article about DesktopX and Konfabulator (a competing program on the Mac that has gotten immense publicity despite being a subset of DesktopX that came out 3 years after DesktopX first came out):

Somehow, at some point, the TechTV guys must have done a Google Search on "Konfabulator for Windows" and come across this article. I know because watching the episode they quoted the article several times and discussed the article. So a lot of the information that came out on the show came from the article which really helped explain what DesktopX in terms of Konfabulator (since they were already familiar with Konfabulator).

So in the end it wasn't our kit that helped us as much as it was having a blog on JoeUser that did!

on Mar 02, 2004
That's funny how that worked out, I guess that means it went well, glad to hear it. : )