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September 7, 2007 by Draginol
I am in an airport right now communicating with my Verizon 5750 which is an awesome air card.

I am also finishing my first business trip with the LG Env cell phone which just rocks.  The cell phone part was very helpful (it has great speaker phone capability) but where it really came in handy was its built in GPS and local search features.  Being in Manhattan, there's a lot of stuff everwhere but it's really nice to be able to look up the local Best Buy or a good Italian restraurant...
May 5, 2005 by Draginol
If you've always wondered how light sabers work, has a thorough article outlining how light sabers work, various safety tips and practical uses such as defending yourself against would-be muggers.
February 21, 2005 by Draginol
iTrip is a gadget that connects fairly seamlessly to your iPod. What it does is allow you to play your iPod music on an FM radio.  You set the station with your iPod and if you tune in your radio (that is within several feet) to that station you can listen to what's on your iPod.

I've used a number of these things in the past and this is by far the best one (the Belkin TuneCast II, for instance is total crap).

ITrip is ideally suited for the iPod because a) It connects right up to...
November 7, 2004 by Draginol
I was watching the June 4 "Bullseye" that I appeared on and in the interview I predicted that Ohio would be the key state and that it could end up being the "Florida of 2000". I also said that unlike the 18 states at the time, we really saw only 5 states (which I don't mention but they were Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Mexico).

Obviously, we would like to take that and put it on-line so people can see -- since this was on June 4.

But how do you get it off there? VCR really doesn...
April 22, 2004 by Draginol
I have a Samsung A500 which uses SprintPC's 3G service.

I bought off of eBay a special USB cable that connects it to my computer and then bought a program called Snapdialer from fututerdial which uses my cell phone as a wireless internet access point.

It gets about 256K/sec which is quite fine for browsing the net. I used it a great deal this week (been traveling on business).

If you have a SprintPCS phone, I highly recommend getting set up on this kind of thing.
October 29, 2003 by Draginol
I have quite a few portable MP3 players and each one has its pros and cons.  For those of you who like to listen to music when you work out, the Sports MP3 player available at CoolNewGadgets.Com might be exactly what you're looking for.

This portable MP3 player also plays .WMA files as well (though it doesn't seem to play Digital Rights Managed WMA files -- i.e. ones you buy) and holds 128MB of memory.  The main selling point of this is that it is just a headset.  So when I go...
January 11, 2004 by Draginol
There is a chink in the mighty iTunes armor. Those of you who follow this blog know that I've been a strong proponent for Apple's iTunes. But today I discovered something I wasn't aware of before: iTunes will not burn MP3 CDs with commercially downloaded music.

Why is that a big deal? The other players probably don't do that either right? (actually I'm pretty sure that Windows Media Player does but I could be wrong). The reason it's a big deal is that if I want to make an MP3 CD for liste...
August 21, 2003 by Draginol
The Canon Elura is quite fantastic so far but I've only had it a few days.  It is tiny. Really tiny. The screenshot doesn't do it justice. It's not much bigger than my Little Elph camera that Canon makes (sheesh, you'd think I worked for Canon, I guess they're just on the ball). What I don't like about it is that it is a bit too complex. It's a little awkward to control since it's so small.  My biggest gripe with it is that it is not easy to record video to the computer.

I was n...
August 21, 2003 by Draginol
Got a lot of gadgets still to write up about. As fast as I type, it's not nearly fast enough to get everything that's in my head onto paper.

I've got a neat headphone MP3 player to review, some noise canceling headphones to review, software goodies, and a few other things. Will get to them as soon as I can.