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July 31, 2004 by Draginol
I spent a lot of the day getting DesktopX 2.2 objects put together and testing.  I'm trying to get DesktopX to respect it deserves. Here it is, the world's best, most flexible, lowest overhead, fastest, easiest to use "widget" creation application and yet there's still people anxious for Konfabulator for Windows or using Avedesk (which is nice) or Samurize or something else. So I've started assigning more engineers into creating content for it so that its coolness is more apparent.

But i...
July 14, 2004 by Draginol
As heads towards being officially launched (probably in late August) I wanted to give you a preview of what's going on:

Blog Navigator and Blog Navigator Pro.  We're going to make Blog Navigator Freeware and then create a Blog Navigator Pro (anyone who bought the regular one will automatically get the Pro version). Blog Navigator Pro. This program has all the features of Blog Navigator plus some extras (more search capabilities for example) along with the ability to post...
June 29, 2004 by Draginol
Just got back from South Padre Island. Lots of run. The kids loved the ocean. We all got a little sun burned.

Only downer is that my right ear is totally plugged. Went to the doctor while there and got a prescription...not that it helped any since the pathetic pharmacies there didn't have the anti-biotics.  I really like South Padre island though. The people are nice and it's a fun vacation but I would hate to live there. It's like traveling back to the 70s in terms of technologies and r...
June 21, 2004 by Draginol
I was on NPR this afternoon doing an interview with regards to The Political Machine ( As soon as they have the RealAudio archive up I'll post a link.
June 4, 2004 by Draginol
Tonight I'll be on CNBC's "Bullseye" show.  It's on at 6pm EST (my segment will be on around 6:30).  I'll be driving into Detroit for the satellite hook up. 

With the political season ramping up, it's going to be pretty exciting to see how things turn out. Things are so close and could go either way. Perfect timing for the game. 

The Political Machine is a strategy game in which players take on the role of a campaign manager of a US presidential candidate.  Playe...
May 24, 2004 by Draginol
The On-line Community survival guide

Going on the Internet and interacting with thousands of people in open forums can be a really wonderful and enlightening experience.  But it is also an experience that has its share of pitfalls and challenges for the unwary. I've spent the better part of the last two decades taking part in on-line communities. From the days of Commodore BBSes to massive web based communities, the faces and names change but the joys and frustrations remain the same. Ho...
May 9, 2004 by Draginol
We were in the Detroit News today.  The article was for The Political Machine mostly but was ultimately a profile on our company. If you're interested in it, you can read it here:Detroit News Stardock article
May 4, 2004 by Draginol
People on-line seem to have a...need to give their opinion regardless of whether it's relevant or not.

I see this particularly in the tech world where a new product gets announced and someone who wouldn't even use the program feels the need to comment "I wouldn't use that."  Whenever I see that, and it's often, my initial thought is, "Well who cares?"

I just don't get it. I have no use for greeting card making programs, for example. When I see a news item about one, my first thought i...
April 28, 2004 by Draginol
This issue occasionally comes up and will almost certainly come up again in the future. That is, how does one go about getting something they've written on the home page of

There is no simple answer to this. Instead, the best I can do is provide some general tips on two basic things: a) How the feature system works and How to make a good article.

How the feature system works today

Right now hasn't even officially been launched. We've been tidying up features he...
April 18, 2004 by Draginol
The store server crashed twice this weekend. Grrr.
March 24, 2004 by Draginol
In many ways, JoeUser is an experiement. It is the only blog site on the Internet that combines the strengths of all the individual bloggers together. When you make a post or comment on someone blog, it is distributed across the thousands of blogs here on this site. And, because is so popular, your article is likely to get picked up on search engines.

Which, needless to say, creates a temptation for abuse. People who intentionally try to humiliate others by taking advantage of the...
March 16, 2004 by Draginol
I'm a snob. I admit it. I've always been a snob to a certain level. My snobbery, however, is specific. I enjoy debating with people. To debate with people, you have to have people who don't agree with your positions. So I definitely like people who disagree with me feeling free to disagree with me. But like I said, I'm also a snob. And that means I don't have much toleration for noise.

Being a snob means I tend to be rude when confronted with people who waste my time. If, having written a len...
March 2, 2004 by Draginol
Our software, DesktopX, was on TechTV's "The Screen Savers" yesterday.

The Screen Savers is one of the favorite shows here. Some of us subscribe to satellite just to get it in. But as happy as we were to be on there, not everything went according to plan.

You see, we knew back in late February that "In March" DesktopX was going to be on there. So we painstakingly put together this kit for them. A quick reviewer's guide. A print out of the full user manual. A CD with the latest versio...
February 13, 2004 by Draginol
Having a search engine also being the one who provides the ads makes for interesting reading.

Check the bottom right of your blog and you'll see the google ads. But here's the kicker - the google ads are based on Google's search engine results. So you can see what kinds of people are visiting your site, to a degree, based on what types of things are being advertised.

I was reading Tangled Wishes website and the ads were about personal relationships, meeting people, that sort of thing. I r...
February 11, 2004 by Draginol
Not too excited to hear Mexicans treating our soccer teamthis way. Booing the US national anthem and yelling "Osama" as a soccer game in Mexico helps make the case that the US really needs to secure the border. It's not just that Mexican illegal immigrants aren't assimilating as well as other cultures have for economic reasons, they're not assimilating because unlike other immigrants, there's a considerable number of them quite hostile to the US.  I have seen interviews with immig...