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December 23, 2007 by Draginol
Dilbert author, Scott Adams, recently announced he would be blogging less and would no longer post about controversial topics. 

His rationale was that blogging produced little in tangible income but negative reaction to his controversial blogs had the potential to tangibly decrease his income from lost readership.

I can relate to that. I often will get an email from someone saying they'll never buy a product I'm associated with because I've offended them with one of my blogs.

December 21, 2007 by Draginol
As the end of the year approaches, I decided to take a look at my schedule for the past year.  For the past 51 weeks, I've averaged working 56 hours per week. If it weren't for my summer vacation, it would have been a higher average.  Assuming that average will hold for the last week (and it will despite it being the holidays) I worked 2912 hours last year give or take an hour or two. 

If you divide that by 8, which is the number of hours a normal American works and I worked ...
December 20, 2007 by Draginol
December 16, 2007 by Draginol

Next-generation MyColors is almost ready for mass distribution.
December 16, 2007 by Draginol
I'm out of touch. I didn't get my hands on Winter Wonderland until very recently and I'm in love.

What a fantastic theme that is so complete.

My desktop    
Look closely at how the toolbar is skinned. See how it's irregularly shaped and blends in?

Internet Explorer 7 skinning.
This snow man is animated and so are the snow flakes and the lights shine. It's really a cool yet surprisingly subtle effect.  
The icons are exquisite. And it comes free for anyone who ...
December 11, 2007 by Draginol
Tragedy of the commons is a game theory that helps spell out why socialism always ultimately fails. It can be summed up with "nobody ever washes a rental car". Private ownership is the key to prosperity in a society. John Stossel has an excellent article that discusses this. For anyone who believes that the government should raise taxes so that it can "help people" more, this article will help show the error in such thinking.
December 11, 2007 by Draginol
I know it's not nice to say that some people are losers. But that doesn't mean it isn't true. Awhile back I wrote an article on this topic. Now, I'd like to put together this simple test that if someone I know or work with blatantly shows these signs I can just print it out, highlight and hand it to them.

Are you a loser? Do you leave a given situation worse than you found it? For instance, if you borrow something do you bring it back damaged? Loan a loser a car and it'll come back with a st...
December 11, 2007 by Draginol
There's something wrong with me. I know it. I can pretend otherwise but I just don't get excited about Christmas anymore. And the reason? I'm selfish. I like getting stuff.

I am not really big on personal consumption. I'm notoriously cheap. And thanks to my wife, we (as in she and I) tend to be quite generous on gift giving. And why not? We're blessed to be able to afford to give to our family and friends.

But I like getting presents. Not just any old presents, but presents that have th...
November 16, 2007 by Draginol
Does feel faster to you? It just moved to a new mega server this past week.
October 31, 2007 by Draginol
Former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, Robert Reich, has written his view on how taxes should be done. It really puts in very stark terms how American liberals really view the concept of property.

To liberals, you have no property. It all belongs to the government. Therefore, it's just a matter of deciding how much of what you earn they should let you keep.

So how much do Democrats think "the rich" should be taxed?

What's fair? I'd say a 50 percent marginal tax rate on the ver...
August 24, 2007 by Draginol
You can now use Microsoft Word 2007 to post your blogs on

To do it, do the following:

Choose new blog from Word 2007. Then, for the API choose MetaWebBlog and for the Posting URL use this:

Then enter your UserID and PW from and voila.

And that's it!
July 17, 2007 by Draginol
Understanding liberalism

The earth's temperature has not gone up in 10 years

The honey bee is already basically extinct

Medical Report: Arafat died of AIDS

Vista user gripes on MSNBC (featuring our friend Chris Pirillo)

Likely scenarios should the US leave Iraq early

Moore's Sicko is "Sickening"
July 16, 2007 by Draginol (scroll down) (air showers) (Do we still need cable?) (fire starter flash light) (mmm.. slime)

May 6, 2007 by Draginol
Below is a list of articles I've written that I think readers would find particularly interesting:


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Customizing the Windows desktop: A primer

CD Copy protection is not the way to stop piracy

Custom LASIK experiences

The Galactic Civilizations Universe

A History of IBM OS/2: 1991 to 1996

Thinking vs. Linking

Why freeware nearly always loses in the long run

Love, sex, marriage, and relationship observations

Animated W...
January 9, 2007 by Draginol
CES is just about over.  It's been a long week. If you're interested in seeing what I've been posting, visit my official work blog here: