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January 17, 2009 by Draginol
When I have lots of energy I tend to plan to do a lot more in the future on the false assumption that that energy will persist. Sigh.
January 11, 2009 by Draginol
This week has been pretty tiring. I hate being away from my family.  I just left CES in Las Vegas and now I’m in Redmond Washington. Next Wednesday I get to come home.

If you want to see what I have been doing at CES see my other blog –
December 25, 2008 by Draginol
Merry Christmas everyone!
December 16, 2008 by Draginol
Today was a good day.  A major book publisher wants to publish my book. That makes me happy. Then, IGN gave our PC game, Sins of a Solar Empire its Best PC Game of 2008 award and Twilight of the Arnor got best expansion pack. And that came on the heels of GameSpy giving those two games its best of the year awards too.

We also closed a major new deal with a major PC manufacturer today too on MyColors which is pretty exciting and Dell let us know they're very happy with the way things ar...
August 16, 2008 by Draginol
One of the things that motivates me to "do stuff" is the idea of being able to try to make a difference in some way. One of the things I'm starting to look into is starting a foundation.

In some years, I hope to start giving a significant portion of my income to various charities.  My wife Debbie would effectively run it and my children would learn the value of supporting organizations that are making a difference in the world.

There are some useful articles on-line suc...
August 16, 2008 by Draginol
No one ever accused me of not being tacky.

But every year I get asked by friends and family what I want for Christmas and the answer is almost always "books". I love books.  But people say they don't know what type of book so I end up with a lot of other..stuff.

So below is my wish list.

August 6, 2008 by Draginol
Dr, Melissa Clouthier: Mourning Michigan: How liberal policies are killing the state I love.

6 steps for dealing with liberal friends and family

Do you want to be friends or do you want to prove you're right? I'm not saying you should go along to get along, because I don't believe in doing that, but people get very sensitive about how little they know about politics. If you rub it in their faces or make them look like idiots, which incidentally, is what generally makes for a good bl...
June 21, 2008 by Draginol
May 4, 2008 by Draginol
There's so much going on that I have no life. Life at Stardock is changing so rapidly. It was just a couple years ago that Stardock was an $8M company.  This fiscal year ends on June 30th and it's looking like Stardock is going to break the $20M mark. If all goes well, we'll double that again next year once certain big projects get launched this Summer.

The skinning world I know and love continues to evolve. The "power user" market for skinning has pretty much peaked. That i...
April 2, 2008 by Draginol
I have been pretty fortunate in my life when it comes to health.  To put it in perspective, I never had to blow my nose until 3 years ago.  I typically go years without getting so much as a cold let alone the flu.

So I guess it was time to catch up on being sick because on this trip, it hit hard. I started coming down with it just before I left but by yesterday, I could barely move.  I managed to drag myself in for the Games for Windows podcast where an equally ill Jeff Green...
March 25, 2008 by Draginol

Here are some screen shots of our current internal build of The Political Machine...

Players can visually design every aspect of their candidate. The candidates in the game aren't "modeled". We just provide the pieces and the rest goes from there.  All candidates are bobble-headed in order to make them more like real-life politicians.

March 19, 2008 by Draginol

This new machine is even faster than my monster machine at work which is saying a lot.
March 16, 2008 by Draginol


March 13, 2008 by Draginol
Anyone notice some of the subtle improvements to JU this week? More coming next week.
March 9, 2008 by Draginol
In terms of listing new articles and latest article comments, we need to make some distinctions:

An article has a blog ID.

A forum post does not.

Therefore, newest articles and newest article comments should only be listing things that have a blog ID.

We should use that as an opportunity to display both the latest articles, latest article comments, and latest forum activity.

I think one of the frustrations (Certainly one of mine) with the new JU is being whisked away to...