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Published on April 25, 2006 By Draginol In Health & Medicine

I am having a serious migraine today.  Or I should say, in about 20 minutes I'm going to. 

I only get migraines around once a year -- if that.  I have a prescription that can knock down the effects dramatically but unfortunately, I'm at work and the pill is at home.

If you've never had a migraine, let me describe what they're like.  For the first half hour, you get a weird vision effect. It's like different parts of your vision are trying to uncloack ala Star Trek Klingon bird of prey.  If you take the medication early enough, the effect is minimimized.

Over the course of around 30 minutes, the vision effect will get worse and worse until you start to lose your equilibrium.  But at this point, there's no pain.

That's where I am right now.  My head doesn't hurt. There's no pain. Just the annoyance of goofy vision and a bit of equilibrium loss.  But in another 20 minutes, hell will begin. 

The most frustrating thing right now is knowing that if I had those pills, the pain would have been 1/10th as bad.  But it's going to be the full show.

on Apr 25, 2006
I get migraines too. Usually I get a strange popping sound in my ear almost exactly 24 hrs ahead of time. I started to get a headache Wednesday. I thought no pop, no migraine and no big deal. Took Tylenol and by Thursday morning I could not think and could barely move. I had to wear my blind man sunglasses to the Doctor to get some pain meds (I get them very infrequently).

He prescribed Lortab because I don't do so well with most of the cures like Imitrex. I took one and then 30 minutes later another after no effect. 10 minutes after that I gave both my pills to the porcelain god. It was another hour before I could get anything to stay down.

Hope you find relief soon.
on Apr 25, 2006

Ouch.  I feel for you.

I get them too but not the vision thing, at least not that I notice.  I have migraine triggers.  Meaning these things can sometimes set off a cigarette smoke, even just walking through it to get into a building....and hormones of course.

Medication doesn't help me unless it knocks me out.  I can't do that with kids and hubby gone so I take copious amounts of aspirin.  For some reason its the only thing that will take some of the bite away...maybe you should try it...has to aspirin though...the other stuff is a joke.  My neighbor uses aspirin powder she gets at Wal-Mart and swears by it.

I also get really nauseous and throw up about every third migraine...I have like two a month and the hormonal one lasts three days (yes I know TMI).  I can't sleep with it because I can't lay hurts much worse when I lay for days I am pacing the's horrible.

Sorry didn't mean to go on about MY migraines.

Hope you are feeling better.....just think soon you will be on an airplane with you family RELAXING.


on Apr 25, 2006
I have had a few, but never on a regular basis.  I hope you can go home and get the medicine.  Or at least hide in a dark room.
on Apr 25, 2006
I get those too. In fact I had a bad one yesterday! I know when it's coming too because my vision goes wacky first, like you described. Not fun at all. I gladly accepted some asperin which helped a little. Hope you can find someting too.
on Apr 25, 2006

I get migraines too.  Happily, I haven't had one in over a year.  I've had them so bad that I had to get shots of narcotics to #1 help with the pain and #2 let me get some sleep, which is the only thing that gets rid of them. 

The vision thing for me is like having a lot of 'floaters' across my vision - but they're neon bright.  Once I've had those, I know that I have about half an hour to get meds in me before the hellacious pain, nausea and light/sound/smell sensitivity begin.

I used to have an imitrex kit that let me give myself shots, but I since I have MVP (mild heart condition) they won't let me have them anymore.  Not that they worked well or consistently anyway.

If you're not at the puking part yet and if you have a couple of hours you can spare, take 50mgs of Bendryl and lie down.  Sleep obviously helps you, and benadryl will make you sleep.  It's worked for me in the past.

I'm sorry you're not feeling good. 

on Apr 25, 2006
Hey, Draginol, sorry to hear about the migraine.

I get them too. Just a little more frequently than I like. Mine are sinus-induced. Allergies backup to the point that a migraine kicks in. When it happens, I'm worthless. I can barely stand, no appetite, and get very shrewish in temperament. My kids have learned to leave me alone (aka, run like hell) when one comes on. Usually have one or two during the spring (due to pollens and what not) and again in the fall (really bad mold spore counts in this area). I'm usually out a day (asleep if I can get it) due to the headache and another day due to weakness/residual headache.

And none of the remedies help. The only thing that works is putting a dark sheet over the windows and sleeping for many hours. That is, if I can manage to fall asleep because of the pain.

on Apr 25, 2006
Sorry. I'm yet another one who suffers from them, on a rather regular basis. I can always smell oranges and tar right before I get one and the vision gets all loopy . . . that's the sure sign I need some meds.

Hope you get feeling better.
on Apr 25, 2006
My darling ex-husband thought I was being melodramatic until he had one. I mean how bad can a headache be, right? If I can get some Exedrine during the uncloaking (I really like that discription), that will usually knock it out. Not always. Tylenol and ibuprofen don't work. I also get localized numbness. Usually my hand; some times the side of my face or the side of my nose. Then I know it's going to be a doozy.
Last time I went to the ER for a shot and the doc said, "This is probably due to exhaustion. Either cut out some activities and get some rest or I admit you and make you get some rest."

I prefer soft music to total silence. Low light to total darkness.

Hope you feel better.
on Apr 25, 2006
Once to twice a year or every other year I get exactly the vision type problem described here but no migraine though I do feel a bit "funny." It first started back in the mid '80s just ahead of my teenage years. It's a slow progression starting usually on one side and working it's way across the full field of vision then slowly going away. When it hits both eyeballs I usually have to stop what I'm doing and wait it out.
on Apr 25, 2006
Yeah, I too have "aura" episodes. Really scary the first time you experience it. I had my first one in high school over 15 years ago and have had one every few years since then. I initially had the extreme headache and vomiting that followed, but the last 2 times I had no headache at all - just the "blindness" and disco effect in my right eye. Really freaky.

Hope you get to feeling better.
on Apr 26, 2006

If I can get some Exedrine during the uncloaking (I really like that discription), that will usually knock it out.

My old Dr. used to think my self made "prescription" was funny, but my new Dr. actually thinks there are reasons (other than it "works for me") to why it works.  This is what I do when I feel a migraine starting: 1) Take 2 Excedrin Migraine (yes, that is a double dose). 2) Follow that with a cup of coffee (lots of sugar) with 3) a dark chocolate bar.  Caffeine helps pain medication work (which Excedrin migraine has in it- but I'm a caffeine junkie, so I need more).  The sugar gives you a boost to your glucose and chocolate releases endorphins (body's own pain killer) as well as giving you a boost of magnesium (something I didn't know until recently) which helps sooth your nervous system.  Of course, I try to cure anything I can with chocolate....


on Apr 26, 2006
Of course, I try to cure anything I can with chocolate....


You and me BOTH sista!
on Apr 26, 2006
Don't get migraines... but use to get 1-2 sinus headaches per month when I lived in the beach, their just as bad. Head feels like it's going to explode, eyes hurt so bad couldn't stand light. Some were so incapacitating, I'd stand in a HOT shower for 30mins, take drugs and then hide under the covers for 12-14hrs. Thankfully, we've moved to a different climate so I seldom get them anymore
on Apr 26, 2006
FYI, Excedrin Extra Strength (do they even sell a Regular Strength?) and Excedrin Migraine are exactly the same thing, just different name...check the labels.
on Apr 28, 2006
I used to get them a long time ago and had a prescription for those little red caffergot pills. Then, after a friend of mine and I got into self-hypnosis and meditation etc, one day when a migraine was coming on I shut myself in my (walk in) closet and used the techniques I'd learned to stop it. I haven't had one since, in 10+ years. Funny thing is, I don't even believe in that hokus-pokus crap anymore. I also read Dianetics around that time so maybe Xenu did it?