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If only...
Published on April 18, 2004 By Draginol In Blogging
The store server crashed twice this weekend. Grrr.
on Apr 18, 2004
Was this artcile really necessary, couldn't you have simply punched a cushion? I have a private gym next to my office where I go to vent my anger at work.
on Apr 18, 2004
On my blog I can write whatever the hell I want, Peter. Don't like it. Too bad.
on Apr 18, 2004
I am British, I believe in freedom of speech. You may continue writing articles Brad.
on Apr 18, 2004
Good thing he gave you permission, Mr. Wardell:)

on Apr 18, 2004
Everyone must seek my consent before they blog on Maxwell Blogs.
on Apr 18, 2004


Well anyway, if I ever FEATURE something I write as trite as this article then I'd defintely agree with criticism.

Though I confess, my ulterior motive was to see if my Draginol handle was showing up in new postings.