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Displeased with conservative apathy
Published on October 16, 2006 By Draginol In Republican

Recently Glenn Reynolds, webmaster of, the world's most popular blog site and a conservative made the argument that if Republicans lose, it's because they deserved it.

Rush Limbaugh today struck back with the charge of "Do we deserve to have our taxes raised? Do we deserve a cut and run policy in Iraq? Do we deserve to have endless congressional investigations?"

The argument is strong but I think overlooks one thing -- we do have a Republican President right? Our taxes aren't going to be raised before 2008.

My view is the same as Glenn Reynolds.  The Republicans blew it. They became complacent and ignored their constituents. If they lose, I do think they lost because they deserved to lose.

Does that mean I agree with those who think we should have higher taxes or that we should abandon Iraq? No. But the Republicans losing the house (and even the senate) doesn't mean that's going to happen. It gives Republicans two years to clean up their act and make their case in 2008.

I say, let the Democrats win the house if that is how it's going to be and let them make the case that we need higher taxes, abandon Iraq to terrorists, etc.  Then in 2008, those issues will come up with a vote by the American people and Bush and the Republicans can demonstrate how they were able to block those policies in the Democratically controlled congress.

But right now, I have little excitement for Republicans. I don't feel they've held the principles they were elected on -- balanced budgets, securing our borders, etc.

Update 10/17: Rush talks more on this issue.

Update 10/19: My response to Rush.

Update 10/20: So now I'm a "Cut and Run" conservative?

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on Oct 17, 2006
Do we deserve to have our taxes raised?
Yes, if we continue to spend this damn much money. It's a question of paying now or paying later.

Do we deserve a cut and run policy in Iraq?
Yes. If we're not in to win, why stay in?

Do we deserve to have endless congressional investigations?
Yes. Abuse of power is abuse of power, regardless of party affiliation.
on Oct 17, 2006
I am a huge fan of Glenn Reynolds and Rush Limbaugh. They are both a daily staple in my media diet. The question I have for Dr. Reynolds is when was the last time incumbents (as a whole) deserved to be reelected? My question for Mr. Limbaugh: How long can you support a party which has consistently turned its back on Conservative principles? (Two words: Term Limits.)
on Oct 17, 2006
It's strange that Conservatives won't vote for for Republicans because of their failures, and the Dems will gain winning votes because they are not the Republicans. Therefore, we could end up electing people nobody actually wants.

In my mind, it's not about letting the conservatives lose, it's about letting the agents of the left win. The MSM who spend weeks on Foleygate, and turn a blind eye to Harry Reid's deeds, Interviewing Democrats with softball questions while grilling Conservatives. The Lancet, for the ridiculous report on the number of deaths in Iraq in an attempt to influence the election (which they admitted to last time).
In a years time will the official stance of the house and congress be that 9/11 was a conspiracy by the Bush admin?

The Republicans are taking the high road, choosing not to have power at all costs, and voting them out of office, but you don't start putting the kids in charge just because the parents aren't up to par.

on Oct 17, 2006
drmiller said:
"Everything" that goes though congress hits his desk for final approval! Ever hear the word "veto"?"

Yes, I have - but Bush hasn't. I think he's issued ONE veton in 6 years. Perhaps he'll figure out how it's done, but I don't have high hopes. Remember his dad; "Read my lips; NO NEW TAXES!" went to "LOTS of new taxes!" in less than two years.

Back in 1997, a web comedian using the handle "Mr. Monologue" sent his best ever joke.
Back then, George W. Bush was starting his run for the Presidency, but some conservatives were worried. They insisted that he remain in Texas and complete his Conservative training, lest he turn to the Dark Side - like his father before him.

Now, 9 years later, we can see that "W." apparently failed; he has governed as big-government liberal.

Vote Libertarian. Make a REAL protest vote!
on Oct 18, 2006
You guys all suck!!! Stinking Instapundit... If the democrats win because of you (unprintable) depressing conservative turnout, I'm blaming YOU.

How's this for a History lesson? The Democrats took over the house for FORTY YEARS. That's the American People hamstringing the government?

Also, tell me how LOSING advances your cause? Was the cause of taxation and states rights adanced by the South losing the Civil War? All you're going to do is push the Republican party more to the left. They are NOT going to say, "hey, we need to be more conservative" they are going to say "hey, we can't count on the conservatives, so why bother?" They're going to blame their loss on the conservatives, not thank them for it. Say hello to John McCain, liberal Supreme Court, gosh darn it will be a nightmare!

I can't stinking BELIEVE what I'm reading here. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on Oct 18, 2006
Rush doesn't check his sources? His website is nothing BUT sources. So, it's YOU that doesn't check your sources. He quotes and links to EVERY article he mentions, and when something is wrong he owns up to it. Compare that to Harry Reid. You are all nuts to think nothing can get worse. It's the difference between a GOP Congress not doing what you want them to do always, and a Democrat Congress always doing what you DON'T want them to do. Place your bets.
on Oct 18, 2006
I think you hit a sore spot Brad.  Lots of fire here, and most coming from conservatives (with the token left kook thrown in).  Great debate raging!
on Oct 18, 2006
We believe that today's witless Congressional inanity stems largely from failure to introduce Term Limits: Twelve years maximum, six House terms vs. two Senate. Gerrymanders and egregious anti-First Amendment (campaign finance) issues aside, America's vaunted legislative branch has become a turgid geriatric swamp. Over 20 -30 years, a notorious influence-peddlar, Mob partner and tax cheat (Harry Reid), child molesters such as Studds and Foley, self-incriminated bribe-takers like Jack Murtha, become tips of an iceberg making it impossible to censure or shame them even when caught red-handed once again.

The underlying problem is, of course, that this very gerontocracy (think Byrd, a racist Dixiecrat and Ku Kluxer pushing ninety) serves as judge in its own case. One of the Founders' more serious oversights was failure to establish a non-incumbent feature for bringing Constitutional Amendments to the nation. The dangers are real, but managable under appropriate revisions... we do not have to let runaway Legalists hijack the very essence of our Representative Democracy.

Let's face it: House and Senate as presently constituted do not --repeat, Do Not-- represent their constituents when major substantive issues are at stake. Pandering to illegal immigrants is the major case in point... on a partisan-political basis, Democrats will do anything to lock in illegal votes. If the U.S. stuffs in 100 miilion more such types by 2100, probably a third the national populace by then, will any citizen have actually been presented with a ballot choice?
Entire polities awake today to find everything at risk because no politician will ever bring such massive, long-term projects to a vote.

Maybe it's too late. But if our Constitution was originally drafted in three months, why commit socio-cultural suicide by fearing to update it now? Simply rescinding several genuinely shortsighted and naive previous Amendments would help alot. Then Term Limits, anti-gerrymandering provisions (Districts as compact, contiguous, uniform in population and temporally stable [no more than 10% change every Census]), "diversity" provisions minimizing lawyers, could go far. We'd also like a form of Unit Allocation Budgeting (prohibits Congress from writing itself blank checks) plus provisions that tame our overweening Fourth Branch of bureaucratic State regulators (mine take 48 words). You get the drift.
on Oct 18, 2006
None of you know me from Adam....But I hope that you will take the time to read this (perhaps presumptuous) letter from my heart.

It might as well be titled: "If this country loses me, then perhaps all is lost!" ...Here it goes.

Back in 1983, I was an immigrant to this country who joined the US Marines. I did so via the proper procedures...i.e. applied for resident alien status by filling out tons of paperwork, getting screened, paying money, and waiting the length of time that it took to get my "green-card". Very shortly after receiving it, I signed up in the USMC. Some 3 months or so later I had the very distinct privilege and honor to call myself a Marine and begin my life in the USA...a country that I had so very much admired and wished to be a part of. My wish came true beyond my wildest expectations. Ronald Reagan was now my President and Commander-in-Chief. Who among you as Americans (Never mind new immigrants) can imagine how that felt? Let me tell you...It felt good. Real good! This new American lived in a country with pride oozing out of my very pores. I served my new country for a brief five years, was un-imaginably rewarded for it, and received my honorable discharge in 1988.

For the rest of my days I will seemingly have to bear that curse, it would seem to me.

Let me underscore this countless times. Nobody in this country is more of a patriot than I am. Nobody. When my best buddy( who remained in the Marines) was on his second Iraq tour, I did everything I could as a 46 year old to join the National Guard and go join him. As it turned out, my recruiter himself wound up getting yanked to Iraq...and my paperwork never got anywhere.

So, here we go...Fast-forward to today.

Today, as I worked my job here in south Florida (in the construction-related trades) I got to thinking. I was (more-or-less) the only non-illegal Mexican on the jobsite.
My government has done nothing to stop the flood of illegals coming into my country. Someone answer me as to how we would suffer even one death overseas while we have porous borders? The "War on Terror" means exactly what?, if you can walk across the border? I went through proper channels to gain my entrance into this country, whereas I clearly did not need to.

Today, they announced that ten our servicemen died in Iraq. Funny. Lately, the number had been four or so daily...four was an easy and routine number to "flip to page two" on...but TEN caught my eye. Un-believable. I have sat by as a Marine veteran, months have gone by....multitudes have died, and I most often do not even think about it, because I work 50 hours plus a week and pretty much can't think much about it. Today I did. Today I asked a former Marine veteran (Silver-Star) hero from the Vietnam war what he thought. He thought that the only way to victory after our some 3,000 dead so far would be to drop nuclear weapons. He figured that that would win the "War in Iraq". The Secretary of Defense and our Commander-in-Chief seem to have another plan it would seem.

North Korea has nuclear weapons, and we're actively seeking sanctions through the U.N. Good deal!

I live in Tom Foley's district in south Florida.

Rush Limbaugh told us today that we ought to hop into our Lamborghini's and skip on down to the voting booth and vote Republican....the economy is good, and the Democrats are worse.

For me, Ronald Commander-in-Chief... did not live long enough to see future administrations take most of the luster off of his (and my) "Shining City"

Semper Fi,
on Oct 19, 2006
Most incumbent Republicans don't face much chance of losing their job. To win control of the House, more Democrats need to win open seats than Republicans. What if Republicans won half of the open seats, select Republican Study Committee members crushed their Democrat opponents, big spenders from both parties had the scare of their political careers, and a few RINOs and dinosaur Democrats lost? We could get a major change of House leadership without losing the Republican majority. Maybe we can get James Carville to wear the wastebasket too!
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