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Displeased with conservative apathy
Published on October 16, 2006 By Draginol In Republican

Recently Glenn Reynolds, webmaster of, the world's most popular blog site and a conservative made the argument that if Republicans lose, it's because they deserved it.

Rush Limbaugh today struck back with the charge of "Do we deserve to have our taxes raised? Do we deserve a cut and run policy in Iraq? Do we deserve to have endless congressional investigations?"

The argument is strong but I think overlooks one thing -- we do have a Republican President right? Our taxes aren't going to be raised before 2008.

My view is the same as Glenn Reynolds.  The Republicans blew it. They became complacent and ignored their constituents. If they lose, I do think they lost because they deserved to lose.

Does that mean I agree with those who think we should have higher taxes or that we should abandon Iraq? No. But the Republicans losing the house (and even the senate) doesn't mean that's going to happen. It gives Republicans two years to clean up their act and make their case in 2008.

I say, let the Democrats win the house if that is how it's going to be and let them make the case that we need higher taxes, abandon Iraq to terrorists, etc.  Then in 2008, those issues will come up with a vote by the American people and Bush and the Republicans can demonstrate how they were able to block those policies in the Democratically controlled congress.

But right now, I have little excitement for Republicans. I don't feel they've held the principles they were elected on -- balanced budgets, securing our borders, etc.

Update 10/17: Rush talks more on this issue.

Update 10/19: My response to Rush.

Update 10/20: So now I'm a "Cut and Run" conservative?

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on Oct 16, 2006
we do have a Republican President right?

As long as the son is not like the father.
on Oct 16, 2006
Rush Limbaugh represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. He doesn't ever check his sources, makes insanely stupid claims, and just blasts anyone that doesn't give a completely partial view toward whatever he believes. I have tried to give the man second, third, fourth, etc. chances, but everytime he proved that he is an idiotic blowhard. I can't understand why anyone would ever listen to him.
on Oct 16, 2006
If the Democrats win the House, it will be pretty predictable from a historical standpoint. It was just when Clinton was settling into his second term and he and the Democrats at large were getting ready to implement all of their dream policies (starting with nationalized health care, of course) that the Republicans had a huge win in Congress.

We, the American people, tend to want to keep our government as hamstrung as possible. The only reason I could think of for keeping all power with the Republicans would be if they had handled every single issue flawlessly (and of course, they haven't - hell, that could be the ONLY thing that every American agrees on). Having a Democratic House won't be the atrocity Rush and others seem to think it will be. It'll be the natural reaction of a populace that feels that one party has held power too long and hasn't used it well.

In other words, I agree with the Instapundit!

on Oct 16, 2006
I am disgusted with the republican party almost as much as the democratic party. I really  think they are all a bunch of self serving swine.
on Oct 16, 2006
If Democrates win the house it will be a long string of "investigations" and nothing of any substance for either side or the middle.
You are correct - they didn't stick to their principals.
on Oct 16, 2006
I agree - it would be nice to get a Democratic House and/or Senate (Senate especially), if only to compare their performance in 2008 with the Republicans.
on Oct 16, 2006
Yes, the Republicans messed up and didn't delivery everything they promised.

No, its not the end of the world if Democrats take control of Congress.

But a win for the Democrats now would (IMO) hamper their (Hilary's) chances to win the White House. Alternatively a win for Republicans now could hurt them in the 2008 election. So it really comes down to when do you do you want to screw now or later, either way where getting F%*^@#

Seriously though, who knows what going to happen with these next 2 elections, but I'm really enjoying watching all the political back-biting and the October surprises. I can't wait till Bush pulls his trump card and brings OBL out of whatever whole they have him in, and the Democrats out some gay child molesting Republican Congressman....ooops they already did that.. my bad!
on Oct 16, 2006
I think the main problem with Republicans now is excuses. Instead of really expressing themselves in a forthright manner about why they want to do what they want to do, they get the jingle writers to come up with crab-walking reasons that appeal to people dishonestly.

Iraq is a golden example. I've seen bloggers that can explain why the Iraq war was a good idea, and explain it far, far better than the Bush political camp. When they do, though, they just get shouted down by people saying "BUT THAT ISN'T WHY WE INVADED!!! THERE WERE NO WMDS!!!"

I think that they assume the American people are just to stupid to get it, so they have to put it in the same outrageous form their frothing-at-the-mouth opponents use. Oddly, that's the kind of propaganda they easily defeated in the last two presidential elections. Why would you take on the unpleasant guise of the people you've trounced?
on Oct 16, 2006
What is with these stupid conspiracy theory posts? Anyways, I really could care less if the democrats win some power back. They will do exactly what Rush said. They will do nothing but try to take revenge on Bush, and it will only help us retain the White House in '08.
on Oct 16, 2006
If there's anything nuttier than 9/11 conspiracy theories, it's posting your phone number on the internet, lol...
on Oct 16, 2006
Oh yes, the Bush administration has been able to keep the big 9/11 plot a secret.
Of course they weren't able to keep the surveillance of foreign calls to the US a secret. Nor were they able to keep their program of surveillance of terrorist money movements a secret. They also haven't been able to keep classified intelligence reports secret.

They have, however, been able to make four airplanes and their passengers disappear, implode several buildings, attack the Pentagon with a missile, and there have been NO LEAKS! Wow, it boggles the mind!
on Oct 16, 2006
If only these 9/11 conspiracy nuts would focus their energies toward marijuana legalization, they might get something done. It'd be a double-whammy, as it would provide them with a cure to their lunacy while also keeping them too stoned to make trouble....
on Oct 16, 2006
Yikes--I thought I had come to a conservative site. Sorry--wont be back!
on Oct 16, 2006
There seems to be a surge of "moderates" planning to vote Democrat this election as a "protest" against the fact that the GOP has been acting in very un-Republican ways. For example, Jane Galt of the "Assymetrical Information" blog ( has stated her plans to vote Dem. Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, has said that the GOP deserves to lose (but he's also said the Dems don't deserve to win).

Folks, if ever there were a time to make a protest vote, this is it. "A plague on BOTH your houses!" Vote Libertarian. I know, the Libs don't deserve to win EITHER, and they WON'T - but the first time that the Libertarian vote count is greater than the DIFFERENCE between the Rs and the Ds, both major parties will begin to court the Lib vote - which can be nothing but good.

Vote Libertarian.
on Oct 16, 2006
Unfortunately, if the Dems take control of Congress, they can raise taxes and Bush can do nothing about it.
This is because Bush's tax cuts had sunset provisions in them. Thus, by doing nothing, the Dems could raise
our taxes.

Basically, if the Dems win the House we will get:

1. Higher taxes
2. Endless impeachment investigations

If the Dems win the Senate we will get:

1. Higher taxes
2. More Souter's being confirmed as federal and/or supreme court judges.

While I agree with Glenn Reynolds (in that the Republicans will only have themselves to blame),
I still believe that when push comes to shove, Republicans are still the better choice.
It makes me sick to think that Pelosi might be the speaker.
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