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Fun with laptops on the road
Published on April 22, 2004 By Draginol In Gadgets & Electronics

I have a Samsung A500 which uses SprintPC's 3G service.

I bought off of eBay a special USB cable that connects it to my computer and then bought a program called Snapdialer from fututerdial which uses my cell phone as a wireless internet access point.

It gets about 256K/sec which is quite fine for browsing the net. I used it a great deal this week (been traveling on business).

If you have a SprintPCS phone, I highly recommend getting set up on this kind of thing.

on Apr 23, 2004
What are the monthly fees for that? I assume you have the unlimited bandwidth account? Also, do you get charged extra for roaming?
on Apr 29, 2004
256k huh? is that on avg? Or is that the highest? I have a sprint pcs so just wondering
on Apr 29, 2004
Woa, that would be awesome if the monthly fees were not too high. While 256k isn't enough for active web browsing at home, it would be awesome to have that kind of bandwidth when you are away from home.
on Nov 08, 2004
Yes that would be awesome, I saw something like that at forcheapcomputers

on Nov 09, 2004
Hmm spammers is getting smarter.
on Nov 09, 2004