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But I eat right-ish
Published on August 5, 2007 By Draginol In Diet

I recently got the results back on a routine cholesterol check. eGads, I'm dying.  My total cholesterol was 260 which isn't great but the really awful number was the HDL "Good" cholesterol number -- 19.  Any amount lower than 40 is considered bad and normal is 60 or higher.  At 19, I'm at the 1%tile of HDL.

Unlike bad cholesterol, good cholesterol is hard to improve.  Diet has little effect on it.  Excercise can help and there are some natural suplements that may help (like flax seed oil) but other than that, there's not too much one can do to easily improve it.

Since I got the results late last month, I've been dieting and excercising.  I've lost 10 pounds (I'm now162 -- well into my ideal weight area), cut out most red meat, significantly lowered how many eggs I eat (I confess, I ate a boiled egg a day), reduced fast food dramatically.  In another 2 months, I'll be going back in for a re-evaluation to see what sort of prescriptions I should be put on. 

My blood pressure is 110 over 70 so I'm doing well there. I don't smoke. I'm not overweight.  The only theory my doctor and I have come up with is that Acutane, which I was on for a few months about 10 years ago, did something to my liver.  Unfortunately, I hadn't had my cholesterol taken since that time period.  Before I had gone on Acutane, my cholesterol was normal (total cholesterol was 125, don't know what the HDL was other than it was in the normal range). My diet since then is much better than it used to (I used to live on Whoppers practically).  I don't know if it was Acutane or not I just don't know what other things might have changed for things to have gone to hell.

But either way, I have been feeling a lot more energetic since excercising more.  I've been walking roughly 4 miles every other day which is enjoyable. And while I wasn't overweight before, the weight loss has made me feel better and I think look better (my face was starting to get a little full).


on Aug 06, 2007

You are really taking good care of your health,   I'd be willing to bet that it's genetics

High cholesterol runs in my family,  and they had everything else against them!  Back in those days though folks didn't do what Americans try to do now.

There is a medicine called Niaspan,  which i have, however haven't been's for making the good cholesterol higher.

Good luck and hang in there with your lifestyle changes.

on Aug 06, 2007
That Acutane stuff is bad crap. I took it for awhile in my teens for acne. Even though I wasn't sexually active at 13, they practically insisted I take birth control pills (I refused) because if I were to become pregnant it would totally mangle the baby. As it turns out, it made me so ill after a few months that I quit taking it. It was awful, so I wouldn't doubt if it did indeed screw up your liver a little.

I'm weird...My total cholesterol is like 170, but, like you, my good cholesterol is low, and my triglycerides are sky high. I know I don't eat all that great (I really like the beef and dairy products, yo), but I've been trying to get better, as well as walking, too, and trying to be better at de-stressing.

I think I need to eat more whole grains--get back into the oatmeal habit. Are you doing that? What kinds of things have you been eating to bring your total cholesterol down?
on Aug 06, 2007

My total was about 180, but the doc hated anythingover 100 on the bad stuff.  It was 118.

Good luck on whatever to get it better!  The diet really sucks, but I guess itis better than the alternative.