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4 out of 5 stars
Published on August 5, 2007 By Draginol In Fiction

While on vacation, I read the last Harry Potter book.  It was very difficult to wait until vacation to read it given the challenges of avoiding spoilers.  I actually received spam that listed who died in the book.  I only read the first couple lines so it wasn't completely spoiled but it is amazing how loathsome some people are.

I don't want to give anything away in the book but I felt it did a fine job tying up loose ends and giving readers a satisfactory and even surprising conclusion.  There are a lot of deaths in the book, far more than I thought there'd be but it also gave a great emotional pay off as well since we had come to know many of these characters very well over the years.

I'm sad to see the series end but glad that it ended while it was still strong.  I hope J.K. Rowlings writes more books as her writing talents are just amazing and seem to get better and better.

on Aug 06, 2007
I was quite impressed with how she tied the many various sub-plots together. I thought that the only downside was that it was a bit frenetic in the first half of the book. But my rating is close to yours. 4.5 stars.