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The LG VX9900 is awesome
Published on September 7, 2007 By Draginol In Gadgets & Electronics

I am in an airport right now communicating with my Verizon 5750 which is an awesome air card.

I am also finishing my first business trip with the LG Env cell phone which just rocks.  The cell phone part was very helpful (it has great speaker phone capability) but where it really came in handy was its built in GPS and local search features.  Being in Manhattan, there's a lot of stuff everwhere but it's really nice to be able to look up the local Best Buy or a good Italian restraurant or whatever and have it show you real time directions on how to get there from where you're at.

It also has email syncronization which is really nice so I can get messages on the road.

My only complaint about Verizon is that they have way too many UserID's and passwords. I can't even get into half of the features because I odn't know all the passwords to my account.

But the phone itself rocks.

on Sep 07, 2007
Boys and their toys! I love gadgets too... I just can't afford them.
on Sep 07, 2007
I have to agree with you about the enV. The camera is not half bad for a cellphone, either, because the autofocus makes the pictures turn out better than they normally would.

The navigation system IS amazing, though. I use it almost 3 - 4 times a week. Living in Atlanta, the search and mapping system can be a life-saver.

I would also suggest, if you are into sports (college football, baseball, anything) to subscribe to VCast and download the ESPN MVP program. Its a great way to keep up with teams, scores, and scedules when you aren't near the internet or tv.
on Sep 07, 2007

Boys and their toys! I love gadgets too

Hey, what about girls and their toys!  I have the same phone, and love it.  The GPS is cool, especially if you aren't familiar with an area (you can use it when walking, not just in your car).

The camera is pretty impressive for being built in to a phone, especially in decent light.

I also really like the qwerty keyboard.  It's nice to have the option of using the phone like normal or flipping it open to text or surf with.

I agree, also that the aircards are cool.  I use the the USB720 and the service has been great.  I can only think of one time that I had problems (local outage) and I use it everyday.