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Recipients of welfare need to stop making babies
Published on November 25, 2003 By Draginol In Politics

Having grown up poor I don't have a lot of sympathy for people on welfare. By and large, they seem to have been people who aren't able or willing to be responsible with their own lives and essentially rely on everyone else to support them.

Often times, it seems, that it's just a matter that they don't think ahead. They don't think through their actions. Statistically, most welfare recipients are young females with 2 or more children and are under 25. Sure, you can bring up cases that don't fit that. But the fast track to welfare is having multiple children before you can realistically afford them. And it gets worse, most (over half) of these people have never been married. That is, they've had >1 child yet never been married.

Apparently the common sense gene just doesn't get activated in all people.

One way to help people on welfare is to try to keep them from slipping further into dependency. More to the point, keep them from having more children. My solution: Forced contraception.  Today we have the ability to implant contraception that will keep someone from getting pregnant for months at a time. In order to receive public assistance, the recipient would have to agree to have the contraception implanted. The contraception would stay implanted as long as the individual was on public assistance. The same would be true of males, btw when possible. If you're a male on welfare, no making babies.

While some would argue that this is a violation of the welfare recipient's freedom, I would argue that the rest of us who are forced to work 4 to 5 months per year for the government suffer a greater loss of freedom.


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on Nov 26, 2003
**edit!!** I meant to say that there is a list somewhere of famous intelligent people who have dropped out of high school or the equivalent, Einstein and Edison are just the two I could think of. GIVE ME EDIT POWAH!
on Nov 27, 2003
Well Joe, I'll agree with the first reason. If somebody needs to take care of a relative full-time, then I could respect them dropping out of school temporarily to care for their loved ones. However, the rest can be done while in school. People do have jobs while still in school. As for college, if these dropouts are so smart, they should graduate high school with flying colors and get scholarships. Of course, I guess long-term investments aren't something these super intellectuals factor into the equation.
On many job applications, there is a place to fill out your education history, and there is a place to mark whether or not you've graduated high school.
You're right. Most of the stuff that's taught in high school can be learned elsewhere, but high school is more than just education. It's also a test to see if you can stick with it, and I'm sorry to say, that these people who drop out of college 'cause it's "too easy" seem to lack that ability, and if they can't stick with something that's as easy as high school, then why trust them to stick with something much more challenging?
There are always exceptions. Most dropouts, however, don't end up like Einstein and Edison.
on Nov 27, 2003
Well, obviously you are completely closed to the idea that:

You can lie on your application. (duh)
High school is a monstrous farce in many areas (popularity does not equal leadership), including 'education'. I do not denounce the fact it is a learning facility, yet it's disgusting the US doesn't rank even close to being in the top 10 in the world in any subject.
You (messy buu) are extremely close-minded and no matter what anyone says, recounts, or provides as information for you, you will still see a high school drop out as a loser.

So, do you see those who graduate high school as better people than those who did not? If so, I say again that you are extremely ignorant, stereotypical, and judgemental. I encourage you to do some research, and ask everyone you encounter whether they graduated high school or not. It is obviously a huge factor in how you determine a person's worth.

I do not say this to insult you, but I am putting it in front of you that you insult others with your assessments. It's nothing short of disgusting.
on Nov 27, 2003
I see. People don't have to graduate high school because they could lie about graduating high school.
By the way, the ad hominems are rather immature.
on Nov 27, 2003
" People don't have to graduate high school because they could lie about graduating high school."

I know you mean that as sarcasm, but it's actually true. Of course another reason people don't need to graduate from HS is that a HS diploma has no value.
on Nov 27, 2003
What I find immature is the complete lack of ability to see people for who they are rather than judge them by the diploma they may or may not have from high school. As I mentioned, I'm quite sure you've encountered more people who haven't graduated school than you realize.

You are missing the point so entirely that I sometimes am under the impression that you are trying to avoid it.
on Dec 01, 2003
As a non American I have to ask,

Are you allowed drop out of high school?
Is there an age limit?

I personally believe that every kid should have a free education till they complete their SATS (I think those are the ones at the end of high school). Likewise they should NOT be allowed to avoid this. Whether they go on to university, start an apprenticeship , work on the farm or work in a factory after that is their own choice, but they should at least be schoolded till theya are adults and ready for that choice.

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