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..The Political Machine..
Published on June 4, 2004 By Draginol In Blogging

Tonight I'll be on CNBC's "Bullseye" show.  It's on at 6pm EST (my segment will be on around 6:30).  I'll be driving into Detroit for the satellite hook up. 

With the political season ramping up, it's going to be pretty exciting to see how things turn out. Things are so close and could go either way. Perfect timing for the game. 

The Political Machine is a strategy game in which players take on the role of a campaign manager of a US presidential candidate.  Players must raise money, take out advertisements, win endorsements and appear on popular TV news shows to answer tough questions about today’s most pressing issues. 


What we really like about The Political Machine is that it will encourage more people to learn about American presidential politics. The candidates really are different and their positions on the issues are based on principle even if their opponents don't necessarily agree.


The game tries to reflect the real issues people are facing. The game's model isn't poll-driven but instead issue driven which has delivered a remarkably accurate model for the electorate.


Now, where did I put that suit...

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on Jun 04, 2004
Suit?!?!?!   You're a geek first and businessman second!   Jeans!
on Jun 04, 2004
Good luck Brad--but I'm with you on this one (sorry Jeremy)--go with the suit!
on Jun 04, 2004

Suit up, bud. 

I'll be watching.....I may even tape!

Good luck!

on Jun 04, 2004
A suit would be good, but wear tennis shoes with it. Don't want to completely surrender your geekness do ya?
on Jun 04, 2004
heh, reminds me what I wore to my Stardock interview. Nice shirt, nice pants, tennis shoes and a backpack. G'luck Brad.
on Jun 04, 2004
backpack was a nice touch
on Jun 04, 2004
ATLEAST go with the tennis shoes. Don't sell us geeks out! (Insert whine here)

I won't get to see it due to late working. le sigh
on Jun 04, 2004

Draginol, Soopastaah!

He went with the suit and tie (from the waist up, anyways)

Very nice segment.  Looked a little nervous to start with, but mellowed out pretty quick.

Brad was on TV! Yay!!


on Jun 04, 2004
It was pretty weird because I don't get to see the show or anything. I'm in a warehouse sized room on a chair with nothing behidn me except in the great distance a blue screen and I'm talking to a camera.  No face.  My ear piece conveys the host's questions. 
on Jun 04, 2004

I'm in a warehouse sized room on a chair with nothing behidn me except in the great distance a blue screen and I'm talking to a camera.

It's hard too, to know how to hold your face, so to speak.  If you can see someone else then you kind of forget about your facial expression...but when talking to a camera you suddenly become acutely aware of every minute movement your face makes (I did, anyway).

I didn't record it or I'd volunteer to send it to you.  I'm sure someone in your vicinity taped it though.

on Jun 04, 2004
I've got it Tivo'd.
on Jun 04, 2004

I've got it Tivo'd.

Huh? What's that?

Kidding.  Up here in SD we tend to be a bit behind the technological times....but not that far behind.

on Jun 04, 2004
dammit. the one day i dont stay up to ensure the sun rises and this kinda stuff happens. i just got home and im sure i missed it.

tivo? id be happy for courtroom sketches.

will it be rebroadcast?
on Jun 04, 2004

tivo? id be happy for courtroom sketches

ROFL @ kingbee.....


on Jun 05, 2004
Perhaps you should provide a link where we may download your interview. Then JoeUser users can hear the voice of the great Brad Wardell.
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