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Published on February 7, 2008 By Draginol In Gaming

After years of being told that PC gamers are really just console gamers but with different game controllers (mouse and keyboard) and that in-depth strategy was dying, we now have some conclusive evidence that no, that serious strategy games are alive and kicking.


#1 at Gamespot:


#1 at IGN:


#1 at 1Up:


And what about sales?

#2 at, #3 at / Gamestop (And it sold out, they've replenished)

Why is this significant?

Because the reviews haven't hit yet.  People are buying this game sight unseen despite relatively little coverage, PC gamers so much want a real time strategy game that has 4X depth that they are going out, en masse to find out more about this game and buying it. 

You are making your voices heard.  People who buy PC games may have consoles but they don't necessarily want their PC games to simply be ported console games or console-like games.

We thank you for your support!  We hope we are living up to your expectations.

on Feb 07, 2008

We thank you for your support!  We hope we are living up to your expectations.

But you aren't living up to our expectations.


... You are far exceeding them!

on Feb 07, 2008
We thank you for your support! We hope we are living up to your expectations.

Giving word on if theres a TA beta out today would be nice. Congrats on sales.

on Feb 08, 2008
Congratulations on a job well done.

So many hours went into making this a great game. How exciting it must be for SD and IC hat they could be changing the industry.

Thank you for your passion, your effort, you expertise, and your caring about the customer. Your success is just as much a product of who you are as what you sell. (But . . you happen to create and publish some awesome product).

Again, congrats.
on Feb 08, 2008
Some games such as RTS, 4X strategy games and large world rpgs will always be better played on computers.

Thanks to Stardock for not going the way that a lot of game makers are doing, trying to squeeze their pc games into a console system because they think that's where all the money is at and creating disasters and grand disappointments.

Although... I think that if SD ever dedicates time into making a game for console, it will probably a hit as well seeing how SD always delivers quality.

Keep up the good work.
on Feb 08, 2008
on Feb 08, 2008
I think a nice follow up would be to utilize the SW deployment infrastructure you have in place to get out fast patches / changes to the game. (I know 1.02 is on it's way, but you've been working on that since Sins went gold ).

It would pain me to see Twilight deferred yet again, but I'd love to see some fixes/balance changes, and even an enhancement or too fairly quickly after 1.02
on Feb 08, 2008
Congrats to Ironclad and Stardock, I hope this game is a smashing success for you all. Thanks for creating an intelligent game - I think this proves that's its not a disinterest in games with a lot of depth, it's the simple lack of people making them.

I hope you all are extremely proud of a job well done.
on Feb 08, 2008
well done indeed! hehe... maps done loading! back to my large map game lol 4 hours in and still barely gettin started! i love this game so much