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Kerry's choices..
Published on June 21, 2004 By Draginol In Democrat

In the game, The Political Machine,, the computer AI only knows the statistics. It doesn't have to play real world politics. It only knows which states it needs to win and based on our data, which issues to focus on.

So the computer controlled John Kerry is always trying to get Missiouri and Iowa which tends to mean Ghepthardt.  But what about Tom Vilsack? Governor of Iowa? Kerry should talk to him.

on Jun 29, 2004
No, Vilsack
on Jul 01, 2004
If the game only knows the statistics... you'd think florida would factor in as well as Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, etc. There are, what, 18 battleground states this time around? It isn't just Iowa and Missouri. So as far as the game mechanic goes, I think it makes perfect sense without such concerns as Vilsack (whom I feel is an awful choice for VP) or even Gephardt (whom I feel to be the third best choice for VP). By these statistics, of course, I mean historic stats as well as electoral ones. For example: no Republican in the past 50 years has ever won office without Ohio, thereby making Ohio a big battleground. Frankly I just don't know if these sort of statistics are factored in though, just my two cents.
on Jul 02, 2004
Now that Chaney has shown his true colors by telling someone to “F” off on the Senate floor, I would love to see Governor Howard Dean M.D. be ask to join Kerry’s ticket. There is nothing they can say about a pumping fist while yelling Yaaahhh, compared to “F” off by Chaney.

The press would be stupid to get into that debate.

Also, Dean is the best debater of the bunch. He makes a lot of since when speaking about the issues and has no problem making his points when confronting the Bush record. He would be able to deal with Health Care as VP and if ever needed would make a great president.

on Jul 02, 2004
According to Judy Woodruff's Inside Politics on CNN right now, Joseph Biden (the only congressman to have a son in the military), and Dick Durbin of my home state of Illinois have apparently made it to Kerry's no-longer-so-short-short-list. Just thought I'd pop the gossip here.