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A little fried but better for it
Published on June 29, 2004 By Draginol In Blogging

Just got back from South Padre Island. Lots of run. The kids loved the ocean. We all got a little sun burned.

Only downer is that my right ear is totally plugged. Went to the doctor while there and got a prescription...not that it helped any since the pathetic pharmacies there didn't have the anti-biotics.  I really like South Padre island though. The people are nice and it's a fun vacation but I would hate to live there. It's like traveling back to the 70s in terms of technologies and resources.

on Jun 29, 2004

At first I thought that South Padre was where the Marines have their basic training and I was going to ask you how you liked boot camp...then it dawned on me that that's PARRIS island.  Duh.  You'd never know I'm not blonde, would you?!

Glad to hear you had a relaxing time of things...and that hopefully Stardock didn't burn to the gound whilst you were gone!

on Jun 29, 2004

Lots of run


lots of runs
lots of rum
lots of fun?

Or, lot of fun with rum which caused runs?

Glad you had a good time!  Sorry about the ear thing.  That's a real pain (literally)

on Jun 29, 2004
aaaa Vacation! Glad you and the family had a good time. Welcome back!