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Used to be fun, now it's just tedious
Published on September 21, 2003 By Draginol In Blogging
So tomorrow I'm heading out on a 2 day trip. Blech. I don't know why but I just hate to travel. Well actually, I do know why. I don't like the actual "Travel" portion.

If I could just beam to wherever I was going that would be great. Gotta pack up and get ready to go.

Over the past several years I've gotten packing down to a science:

2 days: light clothes. No suits. I won't wear a suit when I travel. If a suit is going to make or break a deal, then I don't want to do business with a company that concerned about dress atire. Stardock polo shirts and such work just fine.

Laptop bag with ThinkPad T40, USB cable for my SprintPCS phone so that I can be on the net with my laptop anywhere via the cell phone's 3G network. Plug and Svideo cable and 1 DVD just in case I get stuck in an airport.

1 tube of Sudefed in case I'm stuffed up (traveling when congested is not a good thing). 1 tube of Tylonal. 1 tube of Dramamine. (you can tell I'm not typing this blog from front page, all the typos!). 1 pack of Orbit gum.

I'm almost out of business cards but I have enough in my wallet for now.

What I don't have: I have no PDA. I gave up on Palm, too primitive for what I would want in a device. Haven't decided on the PocketPC yet.

On longer flights I bring noise canceling headphones so I can listen to a DVD on the plane. Highly recommend getting these to anyone who travels long distances.

On short flights I go coach. On longer flights (>3 hours consecutive flying time) I will go first class. Makes a big difference in terms of how much energy I have when I get there. It's not about the food or anything, you can't justify the cost that way. If I got on a trip to say California from Michigan via coach I'm basically out of energy when I get there. But if I go first class, I can make appointments that day when I get there. I can also get real work done when I'm in first class which is hard to do in coach (I always sit behind the person who leans back as far as possible it seems).

Tomorrow's a relatively short flight to the east cost so I'll be going coach. I'll be bringing a book ("A short history on nearly everything").

If I write on Monday or Tuesday, I'll be posting via my cell phone!
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