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It rocks!
Published on July 23, 2004 By Draginol In Fiction

Am I the only Ultimate Spider-Man addict around here? I've been collecting them for the past couple of years.

They start the Spider-Man mythos over at the start and really modernize it with Peter Parker a 15 year old kid.

If you have any interest in Spider-Man or comic books, I really recommend these. They're well written and the artwork is terrific.

on Jul 23, 2004
I've only heard good things about the Ultimate line. Unfortunately, a few years ago, I downsized my pull list and stopped getting anything Marvel. After hearing all the good stuff about it and loving both the movies, I wish I had gotten into this title. Oh, well... there's always eBay...
on Jul 23, 2004

stopped getting anything Marvel

DC is scurvy!

on Jul 24, 2004
The only complaints I've really heard voiced over this (well, the ones I give credence to; fanboys are almost always vocally negative about *something*) were that it was billed as getting away from continuity-heavy story lines. It was pretty obvious by the second storyline that they were just forging their own continuity.
That being said, it's a pretty good continuity. I've enjoyed Bendis's work on that title (when I was borrowing the trades from an associate at work), and on Daredevil, and Powers.
on Jul 26, 2004
I've been collecting the Ultimate X-men line (In the trade paperback format, so I get it in chunks). However, I picked up the Ultimates trade paperback #1, and thought it blew chunks.
Though they really ought to label it as Ultimate Wolverine; it really is all about Wolvie (in a pretty good way, and the rest of the group is well-handled).