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Published on July 31, 2004 By Draginol In Blogging

I spent a lot of the day getting DesktopX 2.2 objects put together and testing.  I'm trying to get DesktopX to respect it deserves. Here it is, the world's best, most flexible, lowest overhead, fastest, easiest to use "widget" creation application and yet there's still people anxious for Konfabulator for Windows or using Avedesk (which is nice) or Samurize or something else. So I've started assigning more engineers into creating content for it so that its coolness is more apparent.

But it'll still be another two weeks before it's ready for public release. Hopefully by next week it'll be ready for Object Desktop users and registered users.  But clearly we have some work ahead of us to get people to migrate to its fully.

I also worked on the IconX page.  It's not publicly available yet and the page isn't done yet. But it's getting there.  At least today I was able to work on this stuff at home which is nice. Took an afternoon walk with my wife and boys around the block. It was muggy out but still decent walking weather.  Came back to work on the web pages some more.

Rewrote: and to hopefully be a lot more to the point that the last versions.  Previous guides to DesktopX would talk about OpenDoc and Taligent and such.  I suspect that I'm about the only one left that still even cares what Taligent is. A couple years ago I was offered the domain but they wanted something like $2k.  I was too cheap for that. I still think Taligent is a cool name. Pity nothing ever came of it.

Played some Spider-Man 2 for the Gamecube.  I hate to say it but I guess I don't get it.  The reviews say it's a great game but I just don't see very much game there.  It's not nearly as interactive as I'd like and the controls make my hands hurt.  It also has the abominable jumping puzzles that drive me insane.  I'm at the part where this guy wants to prove Spider-Man isn't a real superhero and I'm having to go through this moving maze while avoiding his zap gun.  I don't know what's worse, that I'm 33 and playing a twitch reflex game like this or that the game's controls are incredible sluggish for this kind of thing.

Been monitoring some of the bickering on JoeUser.  Good grief, some people just live to be nasty to others. They need to get lives. Others need to not take politics so seriously.  I enjoy a good debate of politics, as many of my articles are on that.  But I am not passionate on it at all.  Or I should say, I'm as passionate about politics as I am at playing Rise of Nations multiplayer. I enjoy it but I'm very mindful that since I've not been appointed emperor of the world (yet) that my opinions and those of those who disagree really have no bearing in the real world. 

That isn't to say that I don't find people who can't put together a coherent extremely annoying.  Nor do I enjoy the company of quasi-intellectuals who confuse arrogance with intelligence and their opinions for facts.  I had one Canadian claiming today that the US didn't truly own California because Mexico never signed the treaty.  To which I say A) Huh? Who cares? and C) Feeling bad for Mexico losing territory is like feeling bad for a car jacker who subsequently gets car jacked themselves.  Canada, USA, and Mexico all stole/conquered its territory from the native inhabitants of North America. The US was slightly better at stealing the land than Mexico.

So tomorrow the wife/kids and I are going to my uncle's with my cousins. Very excited about that.  I'm bringing the telescope so that hopefully, out in the country, we'll be able to see stuff.

on Jul 31, 2004
"So I've started assigning more engineers into creating content for it so that its coolness is more apparent."

It's about time, DX has flown right over my head as far as creating things for it . If DX is to thrive there will have to be people at stardock creating neat and usefull widgets and the such for it. Not just a few examples but a library of them.
on Jul 31, 2004
I don't know what's worse, that I'm 33 and playing a twitch reflex game like this or that the game's controls are incredible sluggish for this kind of thing.

brad, speaking of nerds ... (although i prefer "loser")

i don't know what's worse, either. that i'm 34 and i also have a telescope (which i prefer looking into than talking to people), or that i spent my friday night on here as well, and i will probably do it again next week !.

vanessa/mig XX
on Aug 01, 2004
Brad-desktop X suffers only because of a lack of cool widgets, maybe if there was something akain to skinstudio more stuff would appera, and (thankfully) a bit of darwinian selection would push teh quality up? Konfabulator, is MUCH more limited than Desktop X, but within an hour of d/l i had created my own simple widget, i tried this woth DX and , well, lets just say i gave up in frustration. Oh, and Telescopes on a friday are fine, whats really sad is Starry Night Pro, with no accompanying Telescope, on a Saturday night.
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