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I just like food sooo much!
Published on August 26, 2004 By Draginol In Health & Medicine

I can't help it.  I spent most of my years being way underweight.  Ridiculously skinny.

But I got a picture of myself from my mom at the wedding we went to and I have a gut. Me. A gut. ME. Gut. Gut ME. How did this happen?

I'm only 165 pounds (5 foot 11).  So you know it's mostly flab. Muscle weighs more than fat and so you know if I have a gut it's gotta be flab.

So what do I do? I really like food. I like Coca-Cola. I like McDonalds. I like ice cream. I like eating late at night because I work until very late. Just been too busy.  I don't have time to excercise.

I've done nothing to stop the gut and I'm all out of ideas!

on Aug 26, 2004
Hey Draginol

Best thing to do is go for a walk. Dont take offense at this but sometimes a little gut can be cute
on Aug 26, 2004
Draginol: I agree with Phoenixboi . . . unless you start growing "man boobs" just go with the gut . . . who doesn't like a nice little soft belly?
on Aug 26, 2004
 Where did this gut come from?

About the time men turn 30, little elves begin sneaking into our rooms at night and slowly adding flab to our guts. It's a form of reverse liposuction. (Lipopaction?) They do this slowly at first, a little here, a little there so we don't notice. After a certain amount of time, sometimes years, they get tired and wish to move on, and they speed up the process. That's when we wake up one day and say, "What the hell?"

This is a proven fact. I myself set up a motion activated camera and caught them in the act. Unfortunately the little buggers figured out what I was up to and at a later date unspooled, krinkled, and otherwise completely obliterated the tape. It can still be played but all that can be made out is some flesh and floppy, pointy, pom-pom topped things -- kinda like a latter day Madonna video.
on Aug 27, 2004
Just go with it Brad ...too much like hard work getting rid of the damned thing anyway.
I'm around the same as you in size, (perhaps a little lighter) but considerably older. The little belly started at around your current age, and I worked like a mule to try to get my youthful sixpack back again, but it's a losing battle. With age, everythings gonna move south anyways, so you might as well just go with the flow. (skin flow that is, lol)

...You'll have a little belly, but you'll be happy eating whatever you want! I know I am!

Otherwise have a daily regime of sit-ups and ab-crunches ahead of you. No joy there!

on Aug 27, 2004
I feel the need to chime in. If you really want to look better (notice I did not say get rid of the belly) you need to do some serious upper body workouts dude. I would start with your shoulders, followed pushups. Don't do situps as they will only serve to add MUSCLE on top of the flab in which case your stomach will look BIGGER (not what you are trying to achieve). It is not that your gut got big, but rather that you need to beef up your chest to keep up! Once you have some MUSCLE it will kick your metabolism off again. Then the fat will just start to WHISK away. You can still enjoy your Coca-cola and ice cream (but I would stay away from the POP, that stuff is pure sugar - at least with bad carbs you aren't getting an instant insoline rush into your body which converts most of the sugar directly into FAT. (Nice picture eh?) On top of it all you could start getting more PROTEIN (to help build up those muscles). Drink it if you have to in a health food (gasp!) protein shake. Anything with beans in it are good as well (Wendy's chili is a great source of protein).

Anyway, that is my $0.02. Works for me.
on Aug 27, 2004

You're married, why worry about the gut?

And, I agree- you need to draw the line at man boobs, though.

on Aug 27, 2004
I can tell you what I am doing to help reduce my pouch. I fast walk/run for 45 minutes 5-6 days per week. I have stopped eating sweet late at night, well most nights unless I eat while sleepwalking. And I cut calories overall by reducing portions throughout the day. So far the results have been minimal at best, but I have only been at it for about 1 month. It is hard work but if you get disgusted enough with your flab like I have, you may take action!
on Aug 27, 2004
Where I come from we call a big gut "Cinderella peter". After midnight it turns to dick.
on Aug 28, 2004
you have 15 minutes. believe me, you have to take the time out and excerise. it might not get rid of your gut, but a least you won't add any more gut to it.

on Aug 28, 2004
man boobs??? don't worry, as long as they look like muscle or like some body builder then your ok.
on Aug 30, 2004

I'm 37 and about 3 years ago I started to notice it too - so about the age you are now. Believe me my friend there ain't nothin' you can do t' stop it.

I work 8 or 9 hours a day behind a PC doing software support - so yours and my work profile behind a PC will be roughly the same I would've thought.

I've tried walking, swimming and now I cycle to work (in the Summer) and none of this has shifted a darn milligram of my gut yet....sigh.