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Edwards and Cheney go at it.
Published on October 5, 2004 By Draginol In Republican

Tonight is the vice presidential debate. VP debates don't tend to make that much of a difference in the bigger scheme of things.

Usually what happens is that people end up wishing the VPs were at the head of the ticket.  That was certainly the case last time when Cheney and Lieberman got along so well and had a good, spirited debate in which both showed a great deal of respect to one another.

I think you will see something similar this year.  Cheney had the Halliburton anchor on his neck. But Edwards is the poster child of the ambulance chaser. His claim to fame (and fortune) is that he essentially made C-sections a much more common way for delivery for liability reasons. 

To Democrats, Cheney is the poster child of the big business puppet. The avatar of the corporate stranglehold that surrounds modern federal candidates.  To Republicans, Edwards is the reason we pay so much in health care -- ridiculously high liability insurance. He represents a culture that believes that doctors should be sued not merely out of malpractice but simply if the result of their work is unfavorable.  And we all pay the price.

That is what will make this debate so interesting.  Edwards is loathed by Republicans -- representing everything that Republicans are against. And Cheney is loathed by Democrats as representing exactly why the "anyone but Bush" mantra exists in the first place.

on Oct 05, 2004
Good post. John Edwards is a big problem for me -- I think a lot of the "ambulance chaser" talk is well-founded. I don't feel like Kerry made the best decision in Edwards, the main reason being I don't think that two senators make the strongest ticket. Cheney's speech at the convention was very good, and I expect more of the same from him tonight -- as much as I disagree with his policy ideas, he's very good at making his points, and that's always a pleasure to watch in a debate.
on Oct 05, 2004
If Kerry had chosen Gephardt I think he'd be in much better shape.  If Kerry won Missiouri it would nearly be over now.
on Oct 05, 2004
I agree, I think Gephardt appeals more to old-style democrats. Kerry made the mistake the left is making more and more, style over substance. I have a lot more respect for Dick Gephardt because of his experience vs. a first term Senator who has "charisma." I figured Kerry would pick either Edwards or Wesley Clark, and I was dreading either choice.
on Oct 05, 2004
I don't think Gephardt would carry Missouri. Looking at how the campaign has turned out though, I think that choosing someone with virtually no foreign policy experience was a mistake.