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Bremer on the record
Published on October 8, 2004 By Draginol In Republican

The press has been curiously reluctant to report my constant public support for the president's strategy in Iraq and his policies to fight terrorism. I have been involved in the war on terrorism for two decades, and in my view no world leader has better understood the stakes in this global war than President Bush.

The president was right when he concluded that Saddam Hussein was a menace who needed to be removed from power. He understands that our enemies are not confined to Al Qaeda, and certainly not just to Osama bin Laden, who is probably trapped in his hide-out in Afghanistan. As the bipartisan 9/11 commission reported, there were contacts between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's regime going back a decade. We will win the war against global terror only by staying on the offensive and confronting terrorists and state sponsors of terror - wherever they are. Right now, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Qaeda ally, is a dangerous threat. He is in Iraq.

President Bush has said that Iraq is the central front in the war on terror. He is right. Mr. Zarqawi's stated goal is to kill Americans, set off a sectarian war in Iraq and defeat democracy there. He is our enemy.

Our victory also depends on devoting the resources necessary to win this war. So last year, President Bush asked the American people to make available $87 billion for military and reconstruction operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. . . .

Mr. Kerry is free to quote my comments about Iraq. But for the sake of honesty he should also point out that I have repeatedly said, including in all my speeches in recent weeks, that President Bush made a correct and courageous decision to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein's brutality, and that the president is correct to see the war in Iraq as a central front in the war on terrorism.

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on Oct 09, 2004
Interesting. Not much rebuttal here from the lefties.

I'd also recommend the Slate review of Dr. Obeidi's book (not to mention the book itself) about the Iraqi Chief Nuclear Scientist's life under Saddam and the wider implications of the previously unknown dominoes which have fallen since Saddam was toppled. Effectively puts the lie to the "Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time" BS. See post "Another brick in the WMD wall."

on Oct 09, 2004
(sings to the tune of Another Brick in the Wall Part 2)
Demicans (Who are supporting Kerry and Kerry himself along with Edwards - not sung but read so you understand which Demicans I am talking about)!
Leave our soldiers alone!!

- GX
on Oct 09, 2004
i'm a democrat at heart.

no big surprise bremmer supports effort; i woudl be surprised if he said otherwise;
i think he just said, wished we had more troops

"mission accomplished, but bring 'em on; did you see that golf swing!?"

on Oct 09, 2004
Hey, Pete -

Nice job of not bothering to think. "Democrat at heart" makes sense, since you're certainly not using your brain.