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Published on April 22, 2008 By Draginol In OS Customization

MyColors (Stacked)  

After a full year of effort, Stardock has officially launched MyColors to the general public.

Users in the skinning community are already familiar with MyColors but to recap:

MyColors makes applying premium suites a snap. A MyColors theme includes everything a user needs to completely transform the Windows experience - a new Windows GUI, a new set of icons, gadgets, wallpaper, etc. 

MyColors includes all the technology needed to apply the theme and the technology itself is provided for free. Instead, the focus is on the actual content -- the MyColors themes.  The NBA, NHL, Ford, General Motors, the NCAA, and others have teamed up with developer Stardock to create premium MyColors themes.

Now available on CNET, MyColors includes the "Diamond theme" which gives Windows XP and Windows Vista users a glimpse at Aero Diamond (one of the concepts Microsoft considered for Windows Vista before going with Aero glass).  Diamond includes a completely new icon set, gadgets and more.

Users who already have WindowBlinds or Object Desktop can still download MyColors and get the Diamond MyColors theme, it will simply install the component parts into the appropriate locations.

The Diamond MyColors theme is free and MyColors itself is freeware. For those who don't want to purchase additional themes, at the very least you get an outstanding stand alone suite at no cost that gives Windows XP users the Windows Vista look and Vista users a glimpse at how Aero might have been done.


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