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Published on December 22, 2003 By Draginol In Blogging
When we created to be database driven we used the existing user database.

What that meant is that everything was based by "Handles" (think CB radios). My handle on most skin sites was/is "Frogboy". That's actually more of an accident than intentional as I had intended Draginol to be my handle which is what I used here.

But when writing articles on such issues, I've always felt a bit uncomfortable using a handle because it implies I have some pseudonymn. That I'm quasi-anonymous. For most people, I still recommend handles. There's nothing particularly noble about using your own name.

But in my case, many of my articles draw on personal knowledge, experience, and expertise. So I better darn well make it clear who I am if I'm going to use myself as a "source" on some topic. So I talked Pat (T-man) into putting in this feature so that we can have our real names be what is posted rather than just our handles. I'll probably stick with this unless the search engines get confused by it or some other unforseen thing happens.

So in case you're confused - Draginol is my "handle". Brad Wardell is my real name. Not all the posts on the home page of are by me. I try to feature things that will interest people who visit the site.
on Dec 22, 2003
Yeah my handle of course is OccultPizza and has been for some time and is my name on every messenger as well. I do not care if anyone knows my real name or not and if some government agency or private dick wanted to know, it would be relatively easy to find with some "ethical" hacking.
on Dec 22, 2003
Hmmm How bout a mailto: link when you see someone's email
on Jan 01, 2004
Unless there is some reason to be annonymous, it is probably better to use one's own name, because the opinion has more value that way, and more feedback can be generated.
on Jan 02, 2004
Brad, I just want to say that you have created one great blog site. I belong to another blogger and there is no feedback, no dialogue among the members. Congrats on your baptism.