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The good news is that there will be a Galactic Civilizations III.  The bad news is that it won't be out this decade.

Galactic Civilizations II v2.0 is currently in development but it's free for all players of the expansion packs.  But that will serve as the code basis for any further GalCiv II updates.

Right now, the team is working on the "unnamed fantasy strategy game" sometimes called "not-MOM" (not Master of Magic).  It's a totally new graphics engine that makes use of multi-core CPUs and GPUs but will still run fine on lower end hardware thanks to built-in detection that will determine "how much stuff" to display in real-time.

That game will go into public beta early next year and its release date will be largely based on player feedback.  As many of you know, we are in the position of being able to keep working on our games until everyone's happy with them. Our non-game part of the company does so well that there's no pressure. We want to make it the best turn-based strategy game of all time.

THAT engine will be what serves as the basis of a future Galactic Civilizations III.  That means GalCiv III will have features like tactical battles (as an option), multiplayer, more sophisticated planetary development, and much more. 

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on Apr 13, 2010

I like the larger huge maps n GalCiv games, lol.


I look forward to this GalCiv3 to come, multyplayer is where it sells for me.

on Apr 16, 2010

I like using: NMoM.

It sounds like something exotic. 

Neither NMoM nor not-MoM really rolls off the tongue and not being something doesn't look too good on box covers.

Why not simply RoM - Return of Magic? It's not taken and all the old farts can recognise it as the return of... that... game.


If SD can pull it off in the spirit of MOM, I'll buy. Don't need to see the feature list or any screenshots.

Corrupted flying demon hounds from hell versus the ninja wrestling troll nuns. Ah, there was so much tinkering in that game, modifying the terrain (on strategical and tactical level), the units, their magical buffs, equipment... and the tactics.

Some games are replayable even nowadays. Magic Carpet 2, MOO2, Populous 2, Settlers, and of course... MoM. None of them ever had a worthy successor.

on Apr 17, 2010

Hello stranger.  Got a game started?

on Aug 19, 2010

Its been some time since galc civ 2, twilight came out, I searched around and couldn't find any defininte news announcements, so are they actually making gal civ 3 or did they just scrap the idea? There isn't even a forum section for it and wiki says its under development?

on Aug 19, 2010

It's planned, but Brad's taking some time off to tinker with the AI in Elemental, and I think they have a few other things in the pipes before GC3, but I remember reading somewhere in the labryinth that is stardocks forums that they have minor amounts of plot developed for it but, other than that, I don't think its any farther along than a twinkle in Brad's eye yet.

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