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It's magic!
Published on October 3, 2003 By Draginol In Blogging
A user asks:
> > However one minor thing missing I think. How did you come up with the
> > name Stardock exactly?

That's actually a funny story...

So it's 1991 which is when I founded Stardock Systems (DBA, Not incorporated at this point). I got ahold of a whole sale PC parts catalog which, back then, was a pretty big deal.

I called up the place to start ordering parts for a PC and the guy on the phone says "What company is this for?" Being a stupid 20 year old, I panic'd thinking "Oh man, I'm not supposed to be using this catalog, I'm going to get into trouble I better think of something fast!"

Well, I was re-reading Raymond E. Feist's Magician series and I looked down at the book and saw the word "Stardock". I blurted into the phone, "Uh, er the company name is...Stardock....Stardock....Systems! Yes. That's our company. Stardock Systems."

And the rest is history.
on Oct 04, 2003
And for those who didn't read the novel, Stardock is the city appropriated for the use of setting up a particular school of magician.
on Oct 06, 2003
Technically, it would be more correct to say that it was an uninhabited island that was transformed into a center of learning and magic by Pug upon his return through the rift. Thanks to the generous donation of the Duke of Crydee (sp) years earlier.