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Published on November 14, 2004 By Draginol In Gaming

The problem people have been hearing about in the game industry isn't new. But it's good that it's coming out.

Here's a blog I wrote in 2002 about the game industry's dark side:


on Nov 15, 2004
Another Article of interest regarding this subject:

How do game developers hack it?

"Others began lashing out, like one employee who was found alone at his desk, screaming from burnout. Romero grew impatient with the outbursts. "My lead designer was crying every day," he says, "and finally I just fired his ass." "
on Nov 15, 2004

Fresh this morning from CNET!!!

You already know about this:

Being that I have been abused by my own employer as well, I feel for this situation. Most people grunt and grumble about their job and it can almost be looked at as a tradition (even when they don't have anything to complain about) but when stuff like this happens it is real and has real effects

Plus, with people either willing to compromise and be abused (but feel that maybe someday the company will appreciate them later on) or just do not want to create any waves (or just plainly don't know their rights) these things tend to just keep getting bigger. Quite frankly, companies should NOT want this to happen because its cost time and money production wise (and, in legal fees)

The funny thing is with all of this, the company never seems to get the idea. EA says that they to not respond to rumors... but its not a rumor, its an actual claim made by an employee. It reminds me of when my boss said, "We can't investigate his drinking because it is just circumstantial and hearsay." I just sat there and asked him, "You mean to tell me that I am telling you what is happing and when to go see it happening and your telling me you can't look into it because there is no evidence and its a rumor?"

Clearly a disconnect, especially for a company that works in security and should have more of a right than other companies to make sure drugs and alcohol does not interfere with operations. Not to mention the fact that they go to the site all the time for 'surprise inspections' and yet now they are telling me that can not investigate what I am saying because its hearsay. My real question, after being harassed and discriminated against by another employee, that you know its hearsay without investigating it?

EA sound like the same thing... oh its just a rumor... oh this is how it work in this indrustry... oh if they don't like it, they can leave...
on Nov 15, 2004
I purchased Unreal Tournement 2004, then lost my CD Key. I could not get one from the company, so I had to get a hacked version of a game I ALREADY Bought! These copywright protections are indeed getting rediculous.