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I’m on the plane on my way to Seattle so i don’t have the book in front of me but I’m reading an interesting book by the same author of the Singularity who outlines his belief that if we can live until around 2024 that we’ll enter an age where dying becomes very rare.

His position is that between now and 2024 we’ll reach a level of biotechnology where the big killers – cancer and heart disease will be well on their way out thanks to our exponentially increasing understanding of our living systems.

The reason he makes this case is that his believes, and makes a pretty good case for it, that in the last decade or so we have moved  from medical “discovery” to medical “design”.  That is, thanks to the vast information technologies we have today that are growing non-linearly that we are quickly coming to understand the specifics on what causes diseases and create molecules that deal with them.

I’m not sure about whether we’ll have that by 2024 since cultural and governmental roadblocks will likely slow down the process.

But everything he mentions seems pretty doable such as drugs that target cancer steam cells, being able to grow cloned tissues, drugs that are much more targeted towards specific diseases because we now have the ability to make these substances rather than discovering them out in nature and see what they do.

After 2024, things begin to migrate to nanobots being injected into us that take care of our bodies far better than anything else. Maybe the borg were on to something after all.

So the trick is living until 2024.  I’ll get to that next.

on Sep 08, 2009

Have you looked at Aubrey De Gray's work? He's one of the people actively attempting to cure aging, and his ridiculous facial hair aside, seems to me to have a good approach to the problem. His approach is to develop "rejuvenation" techniques that fix damage after it occurs (but before it can cause problems) instead of stopping the damage in the first place or just dealing with the problems the damage causes... his "engineering" approach to aging, as he calls it.

According to De Gray, the types of damage sustained by our bodies can be narrowed down to 7 very specific issues that medical science can already start seeing ways to fix, as opposed to losing battle of addressing the symptoms or the ludicrously difficult task of fully understanding human metabolism in order to reengineer it, which is still poorly understood by science. It's certainly interesting to listen to him speak, if nothing else... perhaps worth it to track down some of his talks on YouTube. His TED talk in particular is pretty good.

on Sep 09, 2009

Ray Kurzweil is quite the fellow but I am unsure he is human sarcastically speaking. These furturists types have very little understand of the nature of life, death, and spiritual/soul matters. I think they are selling a lie and will be exposed as charlatans.

Much of the technologies he promotes are themselves responsible for increasing chronic conditions, inflammation, and decline in overall health. Most of these wireless technologies cause direct inflammation of the body, and this is easily substantiated from reports dating back 5 decades for those that care to look. While it appears humans are living longer, they also appear to be suffering from more chronic conditions, and quality of life seems to be declining. So at some point I would expect a plateau of life expectancy in this country. (probably within the next 5 years as cell phone tumor epidemics ravage through the population)

Longevity was an art form for thousands of years, contrary to popular belief the life span of many ancient cultures was hundreds of years.  Longevity for royalty, emperors and others was a treasured asset and anything that increased lifespan was sought after.  Emperors used to have school holidays where they would send 10,000 school children out into the forest to find "Reishi" to help the emperor live longer. (it grew on only 1 tree out of 12,000-15,000)  Today we don't need to do that since we can cultivate it organically.

It has been said that Egyptians sought immortality and paid a steep karmic price for it as subsequent generation after generation were born with increasingly horrid genetic malfunctions. Even so a lot of immortality wisdom can be gained from studying their ancient works, and much of it was spiritual, herbal, and mineral based. (ORMUS, White Powder Gold, Prana, etc)

It is my belief that longevity is a gift of God and cannot be supplicated by technological or mystical means unless under the providence of God to grant this to you as a measure of compassion for your deeds.  I've meditated long on different things I need, and I am always led to exactly what I need when I need it. In the process many serious conditions have been cured in me on the basis of the things that were guided to my path by divine proxy.  Perhaps my registering to tell you longevity increasing things in the other post was divine proxy itself as I rarely if ever register anywhere, or respond to anything.  That's something to think about!

Physical life is a mere wink in the expression of our eternal soul.  Death is an illusion, true death doesn't really exist.  What you will find the day you die is that you are still here. This will be confusion at first unless you've cultivated an understanding of the afterlife.  Once this shock wears off and you wander around in your astral clothing you'll eventually be catapaulted to your chosen "Heaven" or in some cases "Hell" which is really a manifestation of your own thoughts.  From here you will partake in whatever adventure you choose or how you choose to resolve karma, or in the case of enlightened folks they'll just go and do whatever they please or where God directs them.

The most profound wisdom I can give for life is to love everyone, always.  Spend your time loving so you absolutely have no regrets when you shed your physical skin.  Each day is the best day of your life, be thankful, have gratitude, and have humility for others.

The second bit of wisdom is to set the intention for "Enlightenment".  By merely setting this intention you will create conditions in your life that will make the events required for this unfold before you.  The reason so few achieve this isn't because it isn't available, it's because they don't ask.

What is the ultimate purpose of life?  To gain consciousness. To gain understand of who you are. How do you do this?  By seeking enlightenment.  How are you helped along? By having gratitude and love for all that is. Prayers don't need to be complicated, the most powerful prayer in the Universe is "Hey God, Thanks!"..  Enjoy your journey, time is too precious to waste with these furturists and their nanobot nonsense.  Cures already exist for everything if you achieve the wisdom to understand the true nature of this reality. (the illusion) It's all in your mind.