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Published on September 4, 2009 By Draginol In Biology

For years I thought I understood what causes heart attacks. The arteries narrow due to cholesterol build up and such until they get so blocked that eventually a blood clot gets stuck and voila.

While that does happen, apparently in most cases apparently it’s inflammation that does us in.  Specifically, cholesterol and such coat the arteries which then get covered by the body’s natural defense. Eventually, this will swell a bit and burst, releasing a substance that causes the blockage right then.

I don’t have the book in front of me as I write this on the plane but that’s the gist of what I got out of it.

So how do you avoid heart disease? The advice given is largely the same.  Keep your HDL high (over 60) and your LDL low (under 120) and your total cholesterol under 160. 

Or in other words, don’t do what Brad does: HDL is only 39, LDL is 179, and total cholesterol is 278.  So my blog may have its problems but the problem is going to go away…

on Sep 09, 2009

Cholesterol numbers aren't that important.  My grandfather was told he'd die by 65 with his high choleserol. He ended up dying at the age of 100 without ever taking a prescription drug.

Your point is correct regarding inflammation. Also important is that many  ailments of the human body can be firsted traced to an emotional (energy-in-motion, e-motion) issue prior to their manifestation physically. That is stifled or stuck energy, this is the basis of the amazing TCM cures out there.  Secondary, these emotional blockages almost always result in inflammatory responses.  Of course this doesn't exclude environmental factors such as electro-smog, wireless techs, positive ions, and all of those other things that directly lead to inflammatory responses. Chemical factors should also be considered as most synthetic toxins aren't properly handled by the body and that itself can cause inflammation or free radical damage. (oxidative)

Dan Shen is a TCM remedy that has been proven effective over hundreds of years at almost miraculously curing heart ailments of any type. Even after only a few dosages.  I had some arrythimia issues that were completely cured after only around 45 days on Dan Shen.  Recent studies are starting to affirm what has been known for centuries.

You can radically improve health by increasing consumption of ORAC rich substances. On an average day I consume between 1-2 million ORAC and it has transformed me into rock of gibralter of good health.  ORAC values are substantiated scientifically.

Many of these are available in capsule form or in bulk to add to your cooking. I routinely add a scoop of Turmeric to almost everything I cook. (160,000 ORAC)  I also highly recommend 4,000-5,000mg of Flax Seed Oil per day (20,000 ORAC). Instead of Coffee drink Tulsi Tea (70,000 ORAC).  In contrast, watermelon has 152 ORAC, imagine that.

Another good thing to consume is mushrooms, in capsule form. They are well known longevity tonics.  People have lived to 100,150, and even 180 years taking them and they are considered "Immortality" supplements.  In ancient cultures they wanted to live longer so they could serve God longer, as the longer you are physically alive, the more you can learn from the karmic system of Earth and the higher chances of achieving enlightenment so you don't have to die ever again.  So in reality, we can already come as close to immortality as we'll ever get if we pay close attention to the old ways, and in the process forgo some of the toxic lifestyles of the new ways.

This is a good cholesterol lowering longevity blend:

This is a good blend with a lot of potent longevity and health type ingredients:

He Shou Wu is widely regarded as a potent longevity herb. I took it for awhile and it cleared my grey hairs and replaced them with fresh dark hairs. I look years younger after consuming this for less than 6 months.

or alternately

All of these are without risk and have a hundreds if not thousands of year history of safe use.  Prescription drugs shorten life, while these herbs extend it.