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More of me and the boys..
Published on December 2, 2004 By Draginol In Home & Family

I really love being a dad. Here's some more pictures of me and the boys.

Here are some more pictures from this Fall for friends & family to see...

The boys tackle their dad (me).

Ryan with the ball.


Ryan makes faces..

Me and Ryan.


And Alex.


The boys at Halloween.

on Dec 02, 2004
You look like a wonderful dad, Brad. The smiles on your children's faces attests to the wonderful parenting you and your wife are doing.

God bless your family.
on Dec 02, 2004

Very cute pictures Brad, I remember when my kids were that small.

::looks wistful::


on Dec 03, 2004
I remember being that small!
Adorable! You look a lot different than I imagined you, draginol.
on Dec 03, 2004
Great pics Brad! Thankfully the boys seem to favor their mother though.....
on Dec 04, 2004
Great looking family Brad, thanks for sharing them! Being a father is the most rewarding part of life I feel. It is VERY obvious you are great Dad judging from the wide smiles!