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Come join us!
Published on December 3, 2004 By Draginol In WoW
Welcome to Myth Inc. The Guild has finally gotten started.  For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself.  I'm Draginol in the game, Brad Wardell in real life.  I was an alpha tester and later beta tester on World of Warcraft so I'm fairly familiar with the game's various quests.

I also run this website ( along with, and several other sites.  I'm a professional game developer having designed and helped program The Political Machine, Galactic Civilizations and a few other games. 

The purpose of a guild is for people to band together and help each other. Often times a warrior, for instance, may find a staff or some other item that is good for a mage.  Or a preist may find that perfect mace that they can't use but is good for a Paladin.  Moreover, Guilds are terrific places for people to easily form parties to go off and solve some quests, ask for help, and just generally help each other.

The name, Myth Inc., comes from a series of books from Robert Asprin if you are interested. The first book is called "Another Fine Myth".

If you need any help or have any questions, just ask here and we'll do what we can to help you out. Thanks for being part of our guild!

If you are playing World of Warcraft, visit us on Uther. Look for me, Draginol. You can also find other members Jeblackstar, Tandis, Stormy, and others who can bring you into the guild if you see them. Good luck!

on Dec 04, 2004
Rannix came online shortly after you logged out. I invited him to join, so we have another member now!
on Dec 04, 2004
congratz on the formation of your guild guys. My guild was formed last night on the MalGinis server central time.
on Dec 04, 2004

SO what do you guys think of WoW from a more solo standpoint? It looks like a good game, but don't really power-game and don't have any set schedule to be on. SO Im looking for a game thats more for Solo and rarely socializing
on Dec 04, 2004
I wish you guys were playing on my server I know I don't have the time to create an alt and play them up on another server, so I'll plow ahead as Zoomba The Morally Ambiguous Paladin on Durotan

Curious: I play on average an hour to an hour and a half an evening during the week (and a fair bit more on weekends). Since I went to my parents for Thanksgiving, I wasn't able to start my character until Saturday night. So, I've been playing for one week, for only a handful of hours and I hit level 18 tonight. I've soloed a lot of it, but the solo stuff is slower going and you die more often. Though if you're looking for a solo game and very little social interaction, WoW (or any MMO for that matter) is not for you. These games are built to make you interact with people, and a lot of the higher level content (or special elite quests) require groups to accomplish.

The key is to find a good group of people to play with. I hated online games until I stumbled into my current group about 2 years ago during the very early beta for Star Wars Galaxies. We've since left that game and moved to a few others. They make these games enjoyable for me.
on Dec 05, 2004
Well, I do enjoy some interaction... but I don't like the idea of having to be in a group to accomplish anything. I understand it should be tougher, just not required. Thats on reason while I like stardock games, they are good for the single player

How is the economy on WoW? Has it broken down with the masses of people or is it still pretty good?

Ever play the game Federation? It was a text based space trading games. People could eventually buy their own companies, and even planets. Once they had a planet they could build lots of room (like a MUD) and make puzzels, give prizes... it was a pretty cool game. Those were the days
on Dec 05, 2004
Hello all! See for an list of weapons and armor I can build using blacksmithing.
on Dec 08, 2004
Read the series it's teriffic!
on May 27, 2005
Hey all!

Me and some of the guys from MYTH Inc have started some new chars on the FireTree server (it's PvP, whereas Uther is PvE) and we're all Horde. We figure since we're all Horde it'll be the "Dark Side" of MYTH Inc.

So far we have (parenthesis is their names on FireTree):
Wraithra (Wraath)
PrayForMojo (JahBreeze)
Kyzam (Kypre)

Send an in-game mail to JahBreeze on FireTree or PrayForMojo on Uther if you want to become join the new chapter of MYTH. I've got a charter already.

Mojo aka JB