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Published on December 26, 2009 By Draginol In Blogging

Coming up with crazy new hobbies in your mid-30s provides an interesting challenge.

2007: Radar Detectors / Radio scanning.

2008: Beekeeping.

2009: Dietary Supplements

So looking forward, I have some new hobbies I’m looking at taking up.

1. Bats.  That is, putting up bat houses and such.

2. Gardening. Though more specifically, conservation and natural restoration.

3. Guns.  I’m having a hard time with this one because in the age of video games, guns lose a lot of their interesting aspects (i.e. shooting a target or whatever).

4. Survivalism. There are sites dedicated to discussing what to do when you need to “bug out”.

5. Solar Power.  I subscribe to Home Power magazine. Love the magazine.  When I get into debates with AGW advocates, it becomes pretty obvious that they really don’t understand that solar power, wind, etc. are not viable alternatives.  It’s Oil. Natural Gas. Or Coal. (don’t get me started on Nuclear, it’s a viable alternative in theory but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s impossible to get them built).  But I am a big believer in solar power as a means to help decrease our need for energy.

6. Botany.  I’ve been slowly building up my library of books on plant identification. My wife got me “Weeds of the Northeast” for Christmas this year. 

I’m leaning towards bats for 2010 right now.

on Dec 26, 2009

Would these bats be housed in the belfry?    

on Dec 26, 2009

I'll stick with model trains and computers.

on Dec 27, 2009

Bats would keep down the numbers of flying bugs around your house; make it more enjoyable to sit outside evenings, in the summer.

Of course, you'd have the concern of disease-ridden bats flying around everywhere. 

You could change your name to "Munster". Or, maybe "Wayne".