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Published on December 29, 2009 By Draginol In Object Desktop blogs

image Keyboard Launchpad is a marvelously useful utility. But its UI is pretty long in the tooth.  I was wondering what sorts of features and changes users would like to see?

Would anyone like to sketch together ideas on how they’d like to see its user interface changed?

on Dec 29, 2009

Looks good thanks

on Dec 29, 2009

I have never used the Keyboard LaunchPad.  Where might I find a demo or tutorial for it?

on Dec 29, 2009



on Dec 29, 2009

I myself find mouse button shortcuts more useful than keyboard shortcuts.

on Dec 29, 2009

Something like a macro recorder of events?

on Dec 30, 2009

I use Keyboard LaunchPad, but I only use it to Pause/Play windows media player. I select a play list, and if the door bell or phone rings, a quick "ctrl+p" lets me pause things without the need try to find the player. I haven't done much else with it... yet.

I have the sudden urge to try to figure out what else it can do.


Anyways, you probally can't do this yet, but I would like to be able to pause/play Youtube. Like I said, the door bell and the phone are some of my worst hated enemies. To be able to "pause/play" websites like that would be a much welcome feature.

on Jan 07, 2010

send commands to computers tied together via Multiplicity?  (i.e. CTRL-ALT-DEL)

on Jan 10, 2010

Hm... Looking at that screenshot I got a bit of a headache.  I'd say start with icons for each program, then the user double-clicks the icon to bring up the possible commands for the program.  And if at all possible, (unless it's already included) have a check to make sure the keyhook you're using isn't already in use.