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Published on February 6, 2010 By Draginol In Business


Ego isn’t the same as pride. Pride is the enemy. It is the destroyer. Pride is what makes people go against their own best interests.

on Mar 17, 2010

Pride is definitely destructive, it's the luciferic deception.  That is, Lucifers fall was precipitated by excessive pride, and it's the foundation of the masonic/luciferic structures of this country - American Pride. If you carefully examine virtually all sound spiritual doctrines/writings through history you will find excessive pride being a vehicle of self destruction.  The bible states in many areas that to exalt oneself, thy will be humbled, and the humble shall be exalted. This of course is referring to excessive pride.

The ego isn't the same as pride, but pride has its basis in the ego.  The small-god in ourselves(Ego) has a foundation of pride and self exaltation. You cannot have excessive pride and not have an excessive ego, and you cannot have an excessive ego and not have excessive pride. They are mutuality self destructive, although not the same thing.  Gasoline fuels your car, pride fuels your ego.

Many have said that pride is one of the last barriers to spiritual evolution, and is the last door that so many can't escape through because relinquishing pride, the ego is fearful of admitting that it is less than exalted.  Once spiritual evolution is achieved, pride usually makes it forward for one last final battle, that's the battle of spiritual-pride.  That is, you are superior because you are spiritually evolved, and others are not.

This kind of pride is more nefarious than simple materialistic/scientific pride, as here we reach the folly of lucifer.  We see this in many religions and dogmatic doctrines where people end up boastful and pridefilled of their doctrines, and judgemental and condenscending of others. If results in stiffness, inflexibility, and jealousy.

Pride fueled, egotisitcal people are usually  self delusioned into thinking other people are just "Jealous" of this or that.  Another deception the ego uses to exalt itself with the fuel of pride. The hidden truth is, nobody really cares much about any of it, your ego just wants you to think they care and uses that to fuel it's own success and dominance, all of which of course are illusions. That is, the ego is impermanent, fleeting, and on the decline. When you die the first thing that dies is your ego, that's the only real death possible for a spirit.  Most people are happy to shed the ego as it obufuscates the truth, and the beauty of everything.  Egotistical people are dark, their souls are clothed in a sheath of darkness, yet they are universally confident they are superior and advancing through life on the right path. Another folly.  The ego causes depression, I've never met an egotistical person that didn't suffer from some sort of depression, sometimes clinically depressed. The real reason for this depression isn't medical, it is spiritual, their spirits are suffering under the darkness of the ego, and they simply can't see this. Somewhere around 34% of Americans are on an anti-depressant, the folly of Lucifer - American Pride.


Pride drastically hinders revival because it padlocks the spirit, shutting the soul off in its own darkness and blocking it from dealing not only with pride itself (for "those that are spiritual proud, have a high conceit of these two things, viz. their light, and their humility") but with every other area of the flesh. Because spiritual pride is so secretive, it is hard to detect except through its effects. Therefore to analyze these effects, noting that they are generally opposite counterparts to the fruits of the Spirit.  -Richard Lovelace