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It’s interesting to see a case where one isn’t definitely better than the other. Regular lighting looks pretty good I think. It’s sharper. Advanced lighting looks good too. It’s softer. I wonder if this should be renamed to Soft Lighting or something because it implies that one is more “advanced” than the other.

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on Jul 31, 2010

Never realized how blurry advanced lighting gets... I much prefer regular. I suppose I should play around with the percentages to see if I can get something nice in between.

on Jul 31, 2010

Same as everyone else. The first one looks better, 2nd just seems blurry.

on Aug 01, 2010

I wonder if this should be renamed to Soft Lighting or something because it implies that one is more “advanced” than the other.

Definitely go with renaming it to "Soft Lighting". It sounds better. They both look great, but my personal preference is for the sharper image with more defining lines. It would be really cool to be able to use "Soft Lighting" for certain spell or creature effects though while staying in "Regular Lighting" mode. If I had to go with just one however, my eyes like the Regular Lighting better. I might be in the minority on that one as well. My system is more then capable of handling the advanced lighting and still run at peak performance, I've just never really enjoyed the softer look unless it was done right on certain things or for certain effects. To me a lot of games or movies that have the soft lighting effect look a little "washed out". I just enjoy the sharper, crisper, image. Maybe my eyes are just getting


on Aug 01, 2010

Is it "7 differences the game" ?

on Aug 01, 2010

Regular lighting looks better to me.


on Aug 01, 2010

Another voice to the chrous.


I like the slightly better contrast of the advanced lighting as on the red cloth armor, but it's not worth the tradeoff for blurring of detail, such as the folds of the robes.

on Aug 01, 2010

Like the regular better. But its based on just one picture. Might be different in other cases like different terrain and clothing. Anyway this game seems great to me

on Aug 01, 2010

I am adding my opinion to the comments, and I prefer the left picture as the right tends to hurt my eyes, and I do NOT want any more pain than aviodable.



on Aug 01, 2010

I don't mind the soft lighting on the terrain, but using it does cause the game to lose a lot of detail on the characters, especially the clothing.  Lately I've been playing without it, and I think I'm liking the overall appearance better.

on Aug 02, 2010

I can only see a difference in the green guys robe. The robe in the left pic is sharper and washed out on the right.

Calling the right pics lightning "advanced" is severely misleading since I would assume that advanced lightning is much better.

on Aug 02, 2010

Honestly, I can't tell the difference.  It all looks the same to me. 

Out of curiosity, which lighting is easier on one's PC hardware (if either)?

Same opinion and question from me!


Seriously, all those video and audio options are like "WTF!" for me. It's just über-geeking pushed too far. I couldn't even guess what means "anti-aliasing" if my life was at stake with it.

So don't forget to include a few lines about them in the manual (you can call the chapter "Computer games 101" if you want! )

on Aug 10, 2010

regular is better to me

on advanced one : at the right of heads are too much of light ...too shiny - not good for eyes

PS: I love cloudy!

...sorry for my English...

on Aug 10, 2010

Well I can't tell which 1 is which, but personally I like the 1 on the left better. The 1 on the right looks as though it has too much gamma or contrast turned up as compared to the 1 on the left, and the background textures are not as defined.

on Aug 10, 2010

Well, for those that can tell the difference (most) ... the choice seems clear.

on Aug 10, 2010

I have a request, could you please put in better explanations as to what each option is when we mouse over them. Because some are just not too clear (actully most are not.)

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