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Published on January 2, 2011 By Draginol In Automotive

The BMW X5 is an SUV for drivers who want an SUV that is both sporty (read: Can go fast) as well as works as a good utility vehicle. In other words, an SUV that really is an SUV as opposed to simply a car that is shaped like a closed pickup.

My previous X5 was somewhat disappointing. BMW has its “iDrive” system for controlling the internal gadgets and it was just awful.  The 2011 edition has a far superior iDrive with buttons that take you right to where you want to go. Its iPhone/iPod integration is better than any system I’ve seen yet in a car (though I look forward to AirPlay enabled car stereos). 

The 2011 X5 is also slightly faster than the 2008 edition I had and drives with a bit more assurance.  Overall, it’s very similar to the 2008 but the slight refinements made me happy I picked it up.  I still consider it, the best SUV for the price.

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