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It’s called Aerotitus. And it sucks.

Every time I fly I get vertigo. Every time.  When I was a kid, I had a lot of ear infections and is messed up my Eustachian tubes.  So when the plane takes off or lands, my ears plug up and I get vertigo.

Over the years, I’ve tried pretty much everything to address it.

Gum chewing. Pinching my nose and blowing air. Yawning. Decongestants.  Nasal Sprays. Ear plugs. Patches. Ginger. Asperin. You name it.  They all help to be sure.  But they don’t eliminate it. They just make it less horrific. And sometimes, like today’s flight, it is still pretty darn horrific.

My next step is to go to a specialist.  Not that’ll help. They’ll prescribe a steroid to take before the flight. But it will only reduce it.  Sucks.


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