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Published on October 16, 2011 By Draginol In Home Improvement

My house uses a lot of energy. Specifically, it uses a lot of electricity.

A good portion of that electricity is because of the Geothermal system which uses Geothermal heat pumps to heat and cool the house.

To offset that, I had a 20KW solar array installed.  While October is not the most ideal of months for solar power (lot of rainy days), the results are looking somewhat promising.

Now, let me first be clear: Even with all the subsidies involved (which are a lot) the cost per KW was still $4.  The magic number is $1.  Without the subsidies, it would have been around $10 per KW.  In other words, it’s very unlikely I’ll ever make back what I paid to put into it to get it set up.  But that wasn’t really the point.  Not for me anyway.

So here are the results for the first month: The house ended up using about 7KWh per day of net power (instead of 85KWh).

This translates into a residential electrical bill of around $45 instead of $355. 

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Interesting figures.

If I've interpreted your numbers correctly, it looks like you are paying around $0.20/KWh. That seems high. Are your electricity rates flat, or is there any form of time-of-day rates? Thanks.

on Oct 24, 2011

Did you mean it costs $4 per watt (not kW)?

on Oct 26, 2011

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