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Published on January 11, 2012 By Draginol In Everything Else


If you’re into maps, you may want to check this one out.

on Jan 11, 2012

Kind of thought it might be an FE map, but that is freaking cool!

on Jan 11, 2012

I've got patience but this ... nope ... uh uh ... ain't gonna happen.

on Jan 11, 2012


What I see in this map (besides its beauty and accuracy) is an allegory of sorts.

If you own it, you care the most... more than the most dedicated friend or employee and more insightful and involved than any committee could ever be. Dedication, hard work and courage. Faith and belief in one's own vision. Davids still slay Goliaths.

Sweat equity in its purist form and the deepest investment: The time there's no replacement for.

on Jan 11, 2012

Cartography, taken up a notch. (or two) It borders on art and is certainly something I'd be proud to hang on my wall, as I love maps. I'll take a map and compass over GPS any day.

on Jan 11, 2012

That's incredible. You've got to love such attention to detail. I wouldn't mind having that on my wall, and if he's looking for a new project; perhaps a similar one of Europe?

I love maps, doesn't matter if they're real or fantasy. Just this afternoon I was ogling the map that came with my premium edition of The Witcher 2. Having a map just makes it seem more real, that there is more to the world than the parts you see in the game. Same thing with real world maps; I know the USA is a real place, but having never been there it's not very concrete in my mind. But looking at a map like this and seeing the state lines and mountain ranges, rivers and roads, cities and towns, and realising it's all really there; it's just fascinating.