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Published on March 1, 2012 By Draginol In Personal Computing

We got a start button / start menu up and running this afternoon.

I’ve already seen a lot of Microsoft fanboys complaining about how “Stardock always makes Windows look old” which is pretty ironic since it was Stardock that first introduced Windows users to the concept of ZIP files as folders, widgets, gadgets, docks (which we were doing before OS X), side bars, shadows, GUI skinning, composited desktops, open file dialog short-cuts, file version revisioning, etc. etc. 

What we do at Stardock is take Windows to try to make it better. Normally, it means adding new features to the OS. Having to bring back the Start button and Start menu is something, ideally, Microsoft will do before Windows 8 ships.

While Microsoft is at it, here’s a few other things that would be nice:

  • Option to show Metro apps on the Windows desktop inside of window (there’s no reason they need to be full screen).
  • High DPI mode
  • Better multi monitor support
  • Option to have the charm hot spots activate on mouse over rather than mousing over and clicking
  • Being able to use the mouse to click drag around Metro (i.e. pretend the mouse is the finger)
  • Some sort of…design understanding that 99% of Windows users will be using this as a desktop computer, not a tablet. I love tablets. I have several. I’ll happily use Windows 8 as a tablet. But when I’m at a desk, I have a keyboard and a mouse. PLEASE design the user experience with that in mind.

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on Mar 10, 2012

@Kazriko You can probably get it to work by right clicking the exe for impulse and telling it to run in compatibility mode for windows 7. I havent tested it yet, but it's something I would try first.

I am the owner of a computer repair and service business, I've installed windows 8 on almost all of my computers now in a vain attempt to make myself tolerate the new interface that I know I'm going to be forced to support. I laugh at their press releases on making a "unified" experience between their phone, 360 and computer/tablets. Sure, your interface may all look, I'll even go as far to say feel the same, but the entire back end to it is entirely different. So what again is the point of forcing a new ui on people? I find the 360 dashboard rediculously hard to navigate, I miss my blades, blades were bad ass and neatly organized. I waste about 30 seconds navigating to my video player on the 360. The new metro app for video doesn't even work on my netbook 1024x600 is below their supported resolution. All I guess I'm saying is that after 18 glorious years of having a start button, did some dev at microsoft have the brilliant idea "oh hey, OSX doesnt have a start button, lets ditch ours too and be unique!" Ubuntu's unity interface is a total and complete flop, what made MS think they could do better with oversized tiles and fix scaled text? I am not looking forward to supporting windows 8.


lol /end rant