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What television series would you recommend to someone to start from scratch?

For instance, I’ve never watched Lost but I don’t think I could handle 7+ years or whatever it was of shows mainly because I heard the show ended up like X-Files where the creators were kind of winging it.

Any suggestions?

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on Apr 12, 2013

Awesome show and actor. Awhile back, they started on a new season he said on his twitter.

Yes, great show.....shall look out for the next series....

Great actor, too....and a good looking bloke...

on Apr 12, 2013

.and a good looking bloke..

Is that your feminine side coming out, Paul... or something entirely different?

In either event, Luther is a top show... and season 2 is eagerly awaited.

I recently finished watching Shetland and Blackout from the UK.  While only short [2 and 3 episodes respectively] both have twists and turns in their plots and keep the viewer interested throughout.

on Apr 12, 2013

Is that your feminine side coming out, Paul... or something entirely different?

Probably..... there's a couple of guys out there who I'd like to be reborn as....the types who are charismatic...and he's one of 'em.

Dunno whether it's all about the role they play...or just some je ne sais quoi ....

on Apr 16, 2013

I saw 2 episodes of a british show called Black Mirror last weekend. First episode was bit meh and kind of twisted, i thought, the second was utterly brilliant though. Very unconventional stuff.

on Apr 16, 2013

Anyone catch Defiance last night?  I watched all of it, and really wasn't sure if I liked it or not.  

I admit I was preoccuped with watching some of the Boston coverage, so I can't give ti a fair shake yet.


on Apr 16, 2013

Oh shit, I forgot all about Defiance and I even forgot to DVR it.

on Apr 16, 2013

I watched Definance, even twice since they showed the first episode three times back to back to back.  Had to watch it a second time because I missed the first 30 minutes of it.  Not really much of a lead in as to why there are all these aliens on earth and how things got destroyed.   I take it there is a connection between the show and a game.  Wasn't really impressed with the first show but I will watch the second episode to see if it gets better. 

Like much of the recent sci-fi stuff on TV these really just remind me of the old TV western series, small towns with bad and good guys and folks just trying to make it through the day.  But then I'm old. 

on Apr 16, 2013

Defiance also had, more or less, the same basic plot as Terra Nova (outsider dude becomes sheriff, someone wants to destroy the town from within), combined with the same vibe Tabula Rasa had. Not really a proven combination for long lasting appeal, but I liked it.

on Apr 16, 2013

To go with what philly said, they gave a real brief intro about the current state of Earth, but who are all these alien species, why are they there, etc.?

on Apr 16, 2013

I watched Defiance and liked what I am saw, now if only I was in the internet on consoles age right now, I could be playing the game on Xbox 360 in addition to watching the show. As I understand it, the game leads into the show to a certain extent.

on Apr 16, 2013

I can recommend Arrow; lots of action, intriguing main plot, nice enough characters. It's still in it's first season, and I've had a blast so far.

It is based on a DC Comic, Green Arrow, but I didn't know that when I started watching. I only found out after I noticed some similarities with Batman and Spiderman and started wondering if they based the show on those characters.

on Apr 17, 2013

My sister brought around a DVD with some episodes of Cult for me/us to watch... yeah, not bad, not bat at all.

Basically it's about a TV show that goes beyond a TV show, with a sub-culture and sub-plots within the twists and turns of the plot.

Yup, worth watching.

on Apr 17, 2013

The Fades .....

on Apr 17, 2013

Yeah, The Fades was alright.

Another one along the same lines The Last Train.

One for a giggle... Black Books

One to make you cry.... ABC Question Time [to think those bastards are paid to behave like that... bickering little children]

Recently saw the TV remake of The Borrowers... the little people beneath the floorboards.  Very good!

Another for a giggle... The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff

Oh yeah, all Brit stuff, BTW... 'cept Question Time.  The Brits wouldn't have the balls to air that.

on Apr 18, 2013

NCIS - What a TV Series